I know I'm postinbg A LOT today but this is imprtant (and fun)! So as you may all know I reached 1,OOO followers recently, and I just want to give back. To do this I am going to have a raffle. I will randomly pick FOUR names from a hat (or bowl) and you will recieve you prizes. I am not going to mail anythiing because I dont think my mom would allow me and I am just too lazy. So, they will be given here, on Polyvore. 


&+ you MUST be following me. Even if you just follow me now then you can still be entered into the contest.

&+ if you make up your own prize it must be reasonable

&+ don't get mad if you don't win. it is random 

&+ again, it is picked at random and there will be four winners mmaybe five, depends.


O1. icon
O2. organized items
O3. shouto out
O4. dedicated set
O5. follow back
O6. set like spam
O7. comment spam
O8. collection like spam
O9. mutal item raid
1O. matching icons
11. in my bio for however long
12. set made by me on your account
13. tumblr follow
14. join all your groups
15. pm convo
16. follows extra accounts
17. gets follow on instagram
18. main character in my new story (full description)
19. ask.fm spam
2O. knows my playlist (that is sacred so you should feel special) 
21. make up your own prizes

+are you following me?:
+name and user
+top five choices:
+tag 15 people:

Good luck!!

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