hey, its lettie //@heyitslettie// here with a tip for you AND your best friend.
its how to become closer. so i have some ideass for you to grow closer with her! ::

1) inside jokes
whenever you have inside jokes with someone you feel special. so create as many inside jokes as you can. to do that, spend a lot of time with her!

2) similarity
get matching outfits, jewelry, etc. you guys will seem like sisters if you are the same. *just don't be identical, you are still your own person

3) time
the more you see her, the closer you will become. if you see her once a week, how will you become closer? even texting can't substitute for this!

4) life
live through things with her. the more you experience together, the closer you become, and the more you understand each other.

5) sharing
sharing is caring! not only does this go for belongings, but secrets, ideas, and events too! tell her everything if you really trust her.

hope this helps! check out our new auditions!

lettie @heyitslettie
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