The Closet Game (Read the description!)

Polyfriends! I propose a game. In this game, anyone can make a collection of articles of clothing they own. In the description, state what your price limits are on things you normally buy for yourself. Anyone else can make sets that incorporates one or more items from someone else's collection to suggest a new outfit for them.
If you want to take part, just make a collection or a set and tag me. If you make a set based on someone's collection, tag them as well. I will edit this collection to add links to every collection people make to participate, and then I will make a collection of the resulting sets. Other collections so far:
@garbowvu :
This collection is a bunch of things I own. (Many are the exact items I own, but many are just look-a-likes.) The upper limit on how much I will spend on an article of clothing is about $90.
Have fun, and please tag me if you want to participate!

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