City of a Thousand Spires:

*dramatic drum roll* The beautiful city of Prague. Let me play tourist and go through my check-list on what to do there! (ahem, credits to the Internet since I have never been there..)

1. Visit the Astronomical Clock! It is the oldest one that is still working. I don't know the specifics of this clock but my limited knowledge is that it tells something about the Sun, Moon and Zodiac. What are your Zodiacs? I'm pretty curious. I'm a tiger :D

2. Charles Bridge. Ah, wake up early to see a beautiful sunrise here :) (or sunset, if you prefer) I love cobblestone, I have a weird fetish for it. 

3. Jump off the Charles Bridge. Not sure if its legal but it'll be pretty cool to jump off it... (and the experience of getting caught by the cops :p)

4. Go to the National Marionette Theatre. I adore puppet shows in every form. When I went to Indonesia, I watched their traditional puppet show (which is actually the shadow puppet show) and it was really cool. I saw their dolls after the show and I gotta admit, one of the most delicate things I have ever seen.

5. Have coffee and pastries at a cafe at the Old Town Square. Ah, I love cafes :D And more cobblestone!!

*Prague has some beer delicacies, be sure to try them out if you are legal!

6. Let us not forget people who have died for a worthy cause --- Museum of Communism! Under communist rule, authorities arrested more than 200,000 Czechs and shot 327 others dead as they tried to flee across the border. Thank goodness for the Velvet Revolution. (mini history lesson! :D)

7. Controversial art -- David Cerny's Public Sculptures. It would be interesting and a tad scary to see colossal sculptures of infants... I want a picture with one of the baby's butt hehe.

8. And lastly... (my absolute favourite) THE PRAGUE CASTLE. Reportedly the biggest castle in the world. I think that is enough to entice us to go there. I would, ugh, be really really really blessed if I could visit this magnificant place. Really. I love castles, there's something magical about them to me. Not in the sense that there would be a Prince Charming waiting to greet me with open arms (that, would be a plus point), but rather the fact that the design and infrastructure of the castle is absolutely breathtaking. 

Have any of you been to Prague? Tell me your thoughts xx
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