[the lyrics only rhyme when having an accent...feeling blessed. kinda]

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Prudence | 19 | Across The Universe
Prudence is a bisexual teenage girl from Ohio. She hitchhiked all the way to New York and ran away to Stockholm later on. In high school, she was a cheerleader, as well as her female crush. In New York, she had an abusive boyfriend and moved to the apartment across the street, where again, she fell in love with a cafe singer who did not love her in return. She became depressed and left for Sweden. Now she and a co-worker are romantically linked. 
Georgia May Jagger
I should get this role because I know the character perfectly and since she’s inspired by a song, it makes it easier for me to portray and write for her. I haven’t roleplayed in a year, but I’m full of inspiration.

Top Three 
Marie Antoinette from Marie Antoinette {I was going to modernise her and take away the 18th century Queen part}
Tracy Freeland from Thirteen
Pollyanna from Pollyanna

Story '

The sun shined, reflecting painfully on the windows. I rubbed my eyes, wiping the tears across my face. I cried in resentment and insecurity for I was rejected again. 

- past - 

I was sitting in the bleachers, looking at the other girls and our new routine for tomorrow's game. She turned back to look at me, and smiled.

"Hey, Pru!" she called

Hearing my name, and her voice...It felt like heaven, although I wanted to get out of the friend zone.

After those two seconds of enjoying the moment, she walked to the bleachers, towards me, I thought, and made a quick turn, instead, walking to the quarterback, Mitchell. They locked lips, right in front of me and the squad. I walked away, knowing love will never last, at least for me.

- present - 

It was now time to come out, since Sadie, my new crush, was begging me to show myself, in front of the others. 

"Prudence, what's wrong?" she knocked

I stayed silent. I knew she didn't love me like I loved her. I knew I could never be loved back. All she saw in me was a desperate teenager who ran away from home. That's all I was to her and everyone.
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Wrote 4 years ago
k'k! (: sorry for using gia in yl btw xx

Wrote 4 years ago
@thunder-dollfaycee @paula-v
i'm changing my model to chloe norgaard since i use georgia way too often! xo

Wrote 4 years ago
omg that movie is so cute! i watched it an eternity ago, but i love it <3

Wrote 4 years ago
FINALLY! someone else who knows that Polyanna exists!





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