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    "Why does Rue have to be black?" wonders one fan, arguing that the ethnicity of the child actress playing the pivotal role "ruined the movie"
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  • Movie review: ‘Hunger Games’ more setup than payoff | The Salt Lake Tribune
    There’s a battle raging at the heart of “The Hunger Games,” and I’m not talking about the barely safe-for-PG-13 bloodbath that’s the focus of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel. No, the battle that informs this adaptation is between the filmmakers’ intent to create a moneymaking franchise to rival the “Twilight” films and the efforts of star Jennifer Lawrence — as teen fighter Katniss Everdeen — to create a compelling movie that’s more than just a platform for future sequels. In this effort, alas, the odds are not in Lawrence’s favor. Director Gary Ross, sharing writing credit with Collins and Billy Ray (“State of Play”), takes a good hour establishing Collins’ bleak setting: the totalitarian North American nation of Panem, where people in the outlying districts live in poverty while residents in The Capitol luxuriate in wealth and really awful hairstyles.
  • Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor
    Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor. The Hunger Games is about to open in theatres; but you haven't read Suzanne Collins' best-seller or immersed