Club Spongebob

Club Spongebob
It's a club for Spongebob lovers, but anything and everything goes. I call it Club Spongebob because that is the name of the episode when Spongebob, Patrick, and Squiward get stuck in a hut when Squidward tries to prove that he can "fit in" (Spongebob and Patrick doubted that he would literally fit, due to the lack of space, but Squidward misunderstood) and are flung into the jungle with only each other and a plastic Magic Conch, which answers yes or no questions. Squidward doesn't trust the Conch's judgement, and ignores their seemingly foolish worship. He tries to make it alone, but doesn't succeed. Spongebob and Patrick continue to follow the Conch's orders, which later results in a banquet in which Squidward, who still does not believe that the luck and judging of the Magic Conch are related, is not included. He lies that he is now a follower of the Conch in order to eat the food. When he is tied between different foods, Spongebob and Patrick tell Squidward to ask his now "beloved" Conch which to eat. Unfortunately, the advice of the Conch is to eat nothing, and Squidward must go without the much needed food. Soon after, an explorer makes his way into the general area of the 3 sea creatures (often referred to as people). To the excitement of Spongebob and Patrick, but the disappointment of Squidward, the explorer is also a Magic Conch follower. When the explorer asks the wise Conch what to do, its response is, "Nothing." Therefore, the 3 followers do nothing, and, because of loss of hope and doubt of rescue, so does Squidward.
And I knew that off of the top of my head.
Here's the 50 themes, if you want to participate:
1. Spongebob
2. Pineapple
3. Absorbent
4. Weenie Hut Jr.
5. Hip to be Square
6. Starfish
7. White-Brown-Red-Yellow Color Scheme
8. Chrome (SB-129)
9. Sponge
10. Sweet Victory
11. Ripped Pants
13. Pizza Delivery
14. Bikini Bottom
14. Easter Island Head
15. Pearl
16. Anchovies
17. Jellyfish
18. Flying Dutchman
19. Nematodes
20. Mermaid Man
21. Chum Bucket
22. Coral
23. Underwater Sun
25. Squilliam Figure (Always better than you!!)
26. B.C. (Before Comedy)
27. Shell City
28. Neptune
29. Sandy Figure (Squirrel in the Water??--Total Misfit)
30. Doodle Bob
31. Secret Box
32. Friend or Foe?
33. Your Sets' Secret Formula
34. Plankton Figure (Wants what you have)
35. French (Like the narrator with the accent)
36. Dreams (Spongebob Travels to Others' Dreams)
37. Bubbles
38. Medieval Times (Dunces and Dragons)
39. Western (Pest of the West)
40. What Zit Tooya
41. Mystery
42. Krab-Borg Figure (Misunderstood)
43. David Hasselhoff
44. Goofy Goober
45. Sea Bears, Sea Rhinoceros Figures (Underestimated)
46. Squid Paradise Figure (Conformity that Leads to Desire for Diversity)
47. House Fancy Figure (Super-Makeover)
48. Jim Figure (Envy)
49. No Nose Knows Figure (Always want what you can't have)
50. Alaskan Bull Worm Figure (Don't Bite off More than you can Chew)
Have Fun!!
Here is a list of Spongebob characters:
Spongebob Squarepants
Patrick Star
Squidward Tentacles
Sandy Cheeks
Eugene H. Krabs (aka Mr. Krabs)
Sheldon J. Plankton
Gary the Snail
Mrs. (Poppy) Puff
Pearl Krabs
Mermaid Man
Barnacle Boy
Larry the Lobster
The Flying Dutchman
Squilliam Fancyson
Harold and Claire Squarepants (Spongebob's parents...why don't they have shape related names?)
Mama Krabs
Bubble Bass
Grandma Squarepants
Mystery (the seahorse that he almost named Debbie)
Man Ray
Old Man Jenkins
King Neptune
Patchy the Pirate
Potty the Parrot
Painty the Pirate
Scooter (remember that surfer dude who was so unfortunate to have to experience high tide due to a lazy Bubble Buddy?)
Bubble Buddy
Tom (He was wearing the striped sweater that inspired Spongebob's hit song "Striped Sweater". Excellent piece of music. I have it on my iPod.)
The Dirty Bubble
Lou (works at Barg'n-Mart and got sand in his buns during Ripped Pants)
Don the Whale (The macho guy)
That docter guy who has that annoying voice
Spat (the spatula)
Jim (Best employee ever)
The baby clam SB and Patrick raised
Plankton's family
Patrick's parents
Janet & Marty (Patrick's not parents)
Nematodes ("Hungry, Hungry, Hungry" hop hop eat something important "Thirsty, Thirsty, Thirsty" hop hop drink something important and cause more destruction. I love those guys!!)
Seaweed Monster Man
Cousin Blackjack (Bad news, that guy!)
Stanley S. Squarepants (Breaks everything he comes in contact with)
Ms. Grisslepuss (Strict old woman who banned Krabby Patties)
Craig Mammalton (The tannest man (sea lion) on TV)
Nat (Plankton's customer)
Larry the Snail
Jerry the Snail
Rex (the worm)
The Server at Weenie Hut Jr.
Alaskan Bull Worm
Uncle Sherm
Jack Kahuna Laguna
No Name
What Zit Tooya
Help me complete my list!
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