For: @hazzaslittlekitten
It was a warm Saturday night in summer. Abbey was sitting in her room waiting for her boyfriend harry to text her. She suddenly heard a knock on her window. She raced to the window and three it open. Harry was perched on a tree branch just outside. "Hey babe, I thought we could go do something fun tonight." Harry said smiling. Abbey smiled "Sure Hazza. What were you thinking?" "Well, there is a new teen club downtown and I figured we could go" "That sounds like so much fun!" Harry claimed in Abbey's room and sprawled out on her bed. "Hazza." Abbey said. "I thought we were going to go clubbing" she said laughing. "We are, I just love your bed baby girl." "Okay then. I'll get ready then." Abbey opened her closet and picked out a black and light teal dress, studded heels and a studded clutch. She quickly dressed while Harry laid on her bed. Soon they were walking out to Harry's BMW and on their way to the club. At the club they danced, had drinks and shared a huge plate of Nachos. Later when they got back to Abbey's house they went up to her room and since her mom and dad were out of town Harry spent the the time until they got back with her.

I hope you like it!

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