so, well, i hope you like this one. this one is inspired by the most amazing Cari. her sets rock forever! AMAZING! her sets will go down in history, lol umm yep, like the colors in this set too. look below

Green or Pink?

story about whatever-bored

"I miss you"i texted as tears filled my eyes. We had just broken up two weekes ago, and i already felt alone. After 5 minutes with no reply, i gave up for the night. I had already sent him 13 messages with different ways to say 'i am nothing without you'. It wasn't worth it anymore. Why was i doing this anyways? I couldn't let him see me like this; let him see me weak like this. I had seen him in the hallways today when i was walking with Taylor and Gabby. Gabby had just gotten the new Krave. Taylor walked up and wanted to see it. When Gabby started talking to Taylor, i felt something. Why? Was it because Taylor and I weren't really friends and i was jelous? What if Taylor *had* been my friend? I was cracking under pressure. I had my SATs comming up in two weeks, my love just had said good-bye and i was feeling anger at some random girl? What was happening?! My phone buzzed. I flipped it open. Riley had finally texted back. ' Look, i miss you too okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? i love you? is that it? well, whatever. We've been together too long'. I read this and my eyes were tearing again. Too long? 3 months was 'too long!' "whatever, at least i'm not dumb enough to break up with the most popular girl in school' i texted back. It was true i was the most popular girl in school. No doubt. That was the worst part about it though. A guy broke up with the most popular girl in school. I was done, dead, and gone. Right at that momment my phone buzzed again. Riley. 'Okay. You're right. I- I- miss you too. Can we get back together?' No No No! I thought. 'Yea right' i texted back. I rolled on the my stomach on my bed and put my head down. At least, i wasn't so dead anymore, just turning into a vegtable.
might finish or go on with this story, :) or i might just write different ones like these everyday you know? snippets of people's lives? What do you think? was it good!?
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Wrote 7 years ago
OH! write more!:)

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