(collab with my sassy baby!!! slighttt warning :3)


I walked into the precinct and immediately felt a little overdressed, but Ryan had told me we were going out….so I had went all out. I saw him from across the room and almost passed out. He was so fu.cking sexy….and in that uniform….fu.ck. I blushed as he saw me and grinned, biting my lip lightly. A couple of the guys he was talking to looked over and me and then said something to Ryan. His jaw set and he narrowed his eyes before saying something, shaking his head. I grinned and walked up to him.

“Hi.” His eyes roamed over the tight Herve Leger dress on my body and he grinned.

“Maybe I was wrong in letting you pick me up.” He said smirking at me. I laughed.

“What does that mean?” I asked him. He looked around the precinct and shook his head.

“I mean that I'm used to guys checking you out…but I'm not used to my co-workers ogling your as.s” he said narrowing his eyes again. I shrugged.

“It’s not my fault I'm hot. I'm sure law breaking ladies are glad you’re their arresting officer all the time.” I told him winking. “Seeing you all on the job makes me kind of want to break the law a little….” 

"There's no need to break the law to have me", he whispered into my ear as he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him, making me melt as I slid my arms around his neck.

“Interesting officer, I want to know more about it" I smirked glancing at him as I pulled away.

"We'll talk about it later", he grinned taking a step back from me and checking me out again….i loved when he did that…. 

"Why not now?", I faked a pout battering my lashes as I pressed against him.

"I need to get dressed baby", Ryan smiled cupping my face and pressing against my lips for a long slow kiss that left me dizzy….he sucked on my bottom lip as he pulled away and I sighed as I glanced at his uniform…..ugh.

"You already look super sexy Ry, there's no need to change your outfit". I said honestly imagining him taking me on his desk still wearing it….he shook his head laughing.

“I'm flattered Brenn but a uniform doesn't really match a Herve Leger dress" I widened my eyes and stared at him shocked.

"How do you know that? Are you gay Ry?" I asked him smirking.

"Your second question is irrelevant and I know it because you dragged me to the fashion week", he explained shrugging, "I just have a good memory".

"I like it", I smirked tracing Ryan’s defined jawline with my fingertip as I leaned into him.

"Baby", he sighed as he looked around, "we need to go. Everyone is looking at us".

"But we haven't done anything...yet", I grinned as my hand trailed down his neck, making him shiver.

“Fu.ck Brenn…you’re going to make me drag you into my office, and everyone will know why….” He said shaking his head.

“Well then maybe they’ll understand why you want to leave early to get home to me every day.” I said grinning. He groaned and shook his head but pressed a kiss against my mouth anyways.

“You are the biggest temptation on earth.” He said shaking his head. I bit my lip and cocked my head to the side, staring at his totally gorgeous frame.

“Fine…” I sighed. “You can change…..but I’d rather be taking this off of you…” he groaned again….

“You’re going to be the death of me baby.” He smirked and kissed my forehead before heading to the bathroom or something to change. I stook there awkwardly noticing the eyes staring at me as I sat down in one of the waiting chairs next to what looked to be a street walker that had seen much better days.

“Nice dress.” She said grinning at me. I smirked.

“Thanks. Nice boots.” I told her checking out her thigh high heels as she crossed her legs.

“Yours too. Prada?” 

“Louboutin.” I said lifting my sole and showing her the blood red bottoms. She nodded.

“Hot.” Ryan came back out then in dark wash jeans and a button up black shirt. Fu.ck….. “Not as hot as him though..” she said staring.

“I know right…” I said shaking my head. “I can’t believe he’s mine….” 

"I've heard hot and mine, you should be talking of me", I smirked stretching out my arm to offer her my hand I grabbed it and stood up, smiling, 

"No, we were talking of my boyfriend".

"He must be a lucky man", Ryan grinned bringing his hand to his mouth and kissing it.

"Officer Ryan", the girl said clearing her throat. Officer Ryan??? "can I go now?".

"Yes. But only because I'm in a good mood. Stay away from troubles Cleopatra". He said looking past my shouler.

"You're my favorite cop of the world", she stood up smiling, winking at him before going away.
He looked back at me, as I made a face at him. 

"You allow someone whose name is Cleopatra to call you officer Ryan?" I asked him.

"It's not the first time she came here", he explained as he twirled his fingers around mine, "she's a nice girl".

"Girl? are you sure she's a girl? her thighs looked a little too big", I spat as we walked out the building immediately liking her less now that I knew she had a…..relationship of some sort with my boyfriend. Ryan laughed and glanced at me.

"100% sure". I stopped and stared at him.

"Did you f.uck her, didn't you?" 

"Oh god Brenn, no!", he rolled his eyes as we started walking again, Ryan dragging me along behind him.

"Oh well...good", I nodded my head trusting him, "so, where are we going baby?"

“In that dress? Back to my place…..” he said eyeing me again. I grinned.

“Okay” I said smiling, never having enough of him, and perfectly okay with spending all night with his body wrapped around mine. 

“You are kind of an easy date Brennica….” He whispered into my ear making a shiver go through me.

“I would be so much less easy if my boyfriend weren’t so fuc.king hot.” I said shrugging. “but I don’t think it’s slutty when you’re in a relationship, and your boyfriend looks like you do.” I said shrugging.

“Good point. Baby, no wonder I’ve gotten so many girls to agree to sleep with me.” I shot him a death glare but then smirked and leaned into his ear, pressing my body against his.

“I bet that my number of girls is higher than yours.” I purred. He swallowed.

“See this is why I can’t take you out in public baby, I immediately regret not just staying in a place where I can rip your clothes off when you say things like that to me..though you’re totally wrong.” I shrugged.

“I dunno baby, I was kind of a player.” Ryan bit his tongue and just gave me a side glance, without saying anything. Smug…..I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, you were the biggest player, okay?", I snorted taking a few steps behind me as I pulled away.

"I didn't say anything", he smirked catching me again and pulling me closer to him.

"There was no need, your face was talking for you", I pointed out as I tried to free myself from his hold on me. 

"I made no face", he smirked holding me even tighter, "and stop trying to run away from me because I won't let you go anywhere" I grinned finally and bit my lip.

 "Fine, but you need to be punished", I said finally, giving up and letting him hold me.

"For what?", he laughed as his hands dropped on my a.ss.

"For being so coc.ky", I spat.

"How do you want to punish me baby?", he smirked leaning into me until our lips were almost touching, his cologne mixing with the wind to make me ridiculously turned on by him. "I might like it" I stared at his mouth for a moment before looking up at him again.

"No s.ex for you tonight", I said a wide grin spreading across my face. Ryan nodded his head as he grabbed my wrists with one hand, pushing me against the wall of the old building behind us 

"why'd you punish yourself too?", he asked, his free hand slipping down my dress.

“I don’t need you. I have a vibrator.” I said grinning and trying not to shiver as his hands slid down my waist. 

“You know that doesn’t feel like me baby….” Ryan said and he leaned his head into my neck, kissing his way up to my ear. 

“It does its job just fine.” I said smiling.

“Brennica, if you didn’t want to have sex tonight, this was the wrong outfit choice.” He whispered. “There is no way I'm not going to have you” Ugh…..he was so hot…but I held my ground.

“The way is that I will not let you.” I smirked. Ryan slid his hand down my leg and then slowly up my skirt.

“Are you sure?” he asked as his fingers skimmed me. I swallowed. “Your body thinks otherwise Brennica….”

“Stop that….” I moaned but I know my back was arching at his touch….

"Stop what?", Ryan said nibbling my earlobe earlobe lightly and making me about die. 

"Teasing me", I swallowed tilting my head to the side.

"Why?", Ryan voiced innocently as he pressed his thumb against my cl.it through my underwear making me gasp. "you're so wet baby” he groaned, something I already knew….

"Someone could see us Ryan", I said groaning as I freed my hands from his grasp, planning to push away, but only running my hands in his hair.

"And call the police?", he smirked, as his mouth trailed across my collarbone, leaving open mouthed kisses across my skin…fu.ck his lips were so soft…. 

"This is not fun baby", I whispered, grabbing fistful of his hair and leading his head down my chest. He looked up at me and I knew my face was twisted in the pleasure of his touch. 

But you're so hot that it's hard to resist you, I've been thinking of you all the f.ucking day"

"And what were you thinking of?", I choked out as he rubbed my p.ussy harder through the lacy material covering me. 

"Of this", he said in a low growl before biting down on my erect n.ip through my dress. 

“What did I say about you not getting any tonight?” I breathed as I tried not to scream.

“It was never going to happen anyways.” He said coming back up to my level and staring into my eyes, almost daring me not to moan as he pushed aside my thong and slid a finger inside of me. I swallowed my moan but you could still hear the whimper as he pushed his finger back and forth. 

“Ryan….” It was supposed to sound like a warning, but it came out as me practically begging for more…which is how he took it because he pushed another finger into me, this time making me moan out loud.

“Admit you want it and I’ll stop…” he said grinning. 

“If I wanted it I wouldn’t want you to stop.” I breathed heavily….he was amazing and knew I would be coming soon if he kept it up.

“Good point.” He smirked. I shook my head.

“Fu.ck! You are so cocky!” for good reason……but still!

“Because I have you every night Brennica.” He growled into my ear as he sped up a little. “That’s something to brag about.” 

"Should I feel honored or something?", I breathed out, tossing my head against the wall.

"No baby, I was just saying that I'm really lucky", he whispered against my neck, forcing another finger inside of me.

"F.uck Ry", I gasped digging my nails into his neck.

"I wish", he grinned as he looked into my eyes, increasing the pace, "but for now that's all I can do".

"It feels so good, I can barely think of how it will be later", I choked out grinding my hips against his hand.

"I thought no s.ex for me tonight", he said pushing my hair off of my face as he flashed me a c.ocky and ridiculously sexy grin. I swallowed and closed my eyes as I focused on his touch.

"Ryan sometimes I seriously want to slap that beautiful face of yours" I admitted, he pushed his fingers deeper into me and I groaned again.

 "I really can't get why since I'm so good to you".

“Oh my god…..”my breathing was hectic and I wasn’t seeing straight…I swear Ryan could do things with his hands in 10 minutes that most guys couldn’t do with their whole body’s even if you gave them a month. 

“It’s Ryan actually.” He breathed into my ear. Coc.ky son of a……fu.ck I was coming so hard I threw my head forward and bit down on Ryan’s shoulder to stifle my scream. “Ugh..Brenn..” he choked out at my touch and as I pressed my body against his erection. 

“Ryan….” I breathed as he slipped out of me. I grabbed his hand and slipped his fingers in my mouth, licking him clean as he stared at me in awe. 

“I swear to god if you get any hotter……” he said shaking his head. I pressed harder against him.

“Can we go to your apartment now…..” I begged him. He groaned.

“I was going to take you to dinner…..” he trailed off.

“We can order in….” I whispered. 

"If we go home we won't eat, that's for sure", he groaned. I smirked and ran my hands down his chest. 

"I'm okay with that as long as I can use my mouth on you". I said getting even wetter just thinking about going down on him. He sighed and pulled away from me taking my hand in his.

"Brenn stop it. We're going to dinner."

"But I'm not hungry baby", Except for his delicious boydy…..I pressed my body against Ryan’s side, purring into his ear.

"You're not accepting a no as answer, right?", he asked practically hopefull raising one eyebrow.

"No", I smirked shaking my head. He rolled his eyes as we headed to his car.

"Fine Brennica, but we're going to your place".

"Why's that? It seems to me you don't ever want to take me to your apartment", I spat, pouting a little as I looked over at him.

"It's not as it seems, it's just that your apartment is closer and I don't want to make you wait", Ihe grinned squeezing my hand.

"In this case...", I paused as a wide smile crossed my gorgeous face….god I was so crazy in love with him….. "deal."
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