Clyde Edgar Wellington
Age: 25
Bio: Clyde comes from money, but not just any money. Clyde's family, the Wellington's hold such unimaginable wealth that it's been the catalyst to not a few scandals. Clyde grew up a troublemaker, playing pranks on the help and scheming to get what he wanted. He is incredibly charming and it's hard to not be blinded by his good looks. Clyde doesn't need anybody. His aristocracy grants him money, but he doesn't want that. Clyde wants power. 
Not long ago, after a certain episode at Yale which we wont go into, he had to transfer to Columbia University in New York. Fortunately he was able to graduate and had his eyes set on bigger goals now. He wants control of the city. He knows his onions though, he understands that it will be difficult, given his age, but he is smart, manipulative, and understands that the government has very little to do with how New York City is ran in this new day and age. 

People would describe him as: Rich, handsome, arrogant, powerful, cocky, funny, outrageous, highly intelligent, impatient, insensitive, inquisitive, manipulative, emotional, driving, hopeful, full of wonder, well read, polite (in the right company), knows how to dress, a flirt, always on the move, charming, surprisingly careful, insecure, afraid.
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