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THE CITY IS MY CHURCH; rachel dawes

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4; hello gotham! tonight, newcomer socialite, sabrina filippovna, is hosting a charity ball for her corporation in order to help end human trafficking, specifically in her hometown of moscow. so be sure to put on your sunday's best... it is for a good occasion, after all.

+ Rachel;

'champagne for you, babe?' my gorgeous and caring boyfriend, aka new district attorney harvey dent, asked me, handing me a fragile flute filled with gold liquid. i nodded smiling politely to harvey and his fellow 'friends', '........did i mention to you that rachel is doing a terribly good job at the office, recently? i wonder how i would do without her' he stated proudly, addressing to the little group who hung on his words, slipping a hand around my waist. while some of the ladies, green with envy, stared at us with disbelief, i blushed, 'there's no need to flatter me. you proposed and i already said yes, remember?' i replied, showing the huge solitaire around my finger, with a small giggle while all those present laughed and some patted on harvey's shoulders. harvey grinned, leaning to kiss me on my head, 'no joke, you saved my life, my love' he said, loudly enough to be heard by the whole group. i perfectly knew that gotham high society was still asking herself what harvey saw in me, to choose me; i was plain enough to disappear in the crowd, to be a wallflower. i sideglanced the women surrounding me, covered in fine fabrics and jewelleries, and then i lowered my eyes on my dress and my shoes. though the dress that i had just bought, on sale, fitted me perfectly, coming down in light folds around my legs, i felt insignificant. i brought a free hand to my neck, where harvey's mother inheritance, a vintage pearl necklace, hung around my neck; i still looked pretty plain, even wearing a pair of high gucci open-toe pumps worth thousand dollars that harvey gave to me as a anniversary present. /you are perfect to me, rachel/ i still remembered harvey's words when, entering the charity party, just few hours before, i had complained about my outfit simplicity. /that's because you love me, harvey. but you should be with some swedish model, in a tight dress. that's what gotham hero deserves..../ i had snorted, turning to look at some people staring at us. harvey had laughed, 'that's bruce wayne, babe, not me. i would still want you, even in your bunny pijama-' he had paused, whispering in my ear, ''or maybe not' i had grinned, biting down my lip and pretending to drop the issue but here i was, hours later still thinking about it.

i realized that i was still in the group, listening to harvey, deeply taken in a conversation with some blondie business woman. 'i'm going to powder my nose, i'm coming back in few seconds' i stated, sideglancing miss gazelle legs and walking to the toilette. i entered the room and smiled weakly at my riflection in the mirror; i took my lipstick from the little clutch i was carrying with me and passed it on my lips , i sighed and in a flash i was back on my fiancé's side. 

'rachel, here you are. look who came to greet us' harvey exclaimed patting on nobody else, but bruce wayne's shoulder. 'bruce, you mad us wait' i stated, reaching him and raising on my tips to kiss him on his cheek, ' i had some business to do' he answered, grinning and i could perfectly see why everysingle woman in the room was aching for him. 'as usual. i think you need more fun' i stated and i saw him turning with a smile to drop his gaze on our gorgeous russian landlady, hugged in a high fashion tight dress. 'mhm, yes i definetively do' he muttered, nodding with a smirk. harvey laughed while a dark man reached us, 'oh, paxton. you are here, finally' bruce said addressing to him, then he turned to us, 'rachel, harvey, this is my associate, damian 'paxton' powers.' while addressing to both of us, mr power's gaze dropped on me, looking my body up and down. i felt my cheeks on fire while damian, as bruced had called him, tightened the grip on my hand, 'i've heard wonders about you, miss dawes' he stated, with deep voice, while his eyes seemed to undress me. harvey grinned behind me, 'future ms dent' he whispered and i immediately felt in the middle of a conflict to choose the male alpha. bruce laughed loudly, 'paxton, be good with them. rachel is my oldest friend, nor to mention my only one-' he paused while i diverted my eyes from mr powers'. 'i know how to defend myself, bruce' i smiled kindly, even though mr powers kept staring seductively at me. i placed my hand around harvey's and i winked to bruce, 'me and mr. dent-' my fiancè grinned, hearing himself being called so formally, 'we are leaving...........we had enough of this party. i think we'll continue it at home' i stated with a flirty smile to harvey and mr powers smirked. 'i wish i was the one partying with you, /miss/ dawes' he replied, blunty, smiling and i blushed. 'it's ok, paxton. let's go to drink and leave my friend, here, and her lovely girlfriend go home' bruce intervened placing a hand around damian's shoulder and carrying him away. 

paxton turned to me, ignoring harvey who stood next to me, dumbfounded, 'we will see us soon, rachel' he said and i leaned my head to the side asking me what kind of people bruce befriended with. 'i'm sorry' i said when harvey grabbed my hand to drive me out of the house, 'for what?' he asked, tightening me around his strong body. i stayed silent for a while, 'i don't know, for being harassed?' i replied with a smirk lowering my head against his shoulder as soon as we entered his car. harvey turned to look at me, placing a chaste kiss on my lips and slipping a hand through my hair to tug me near him, 'stop breaking hearts, rachel-' he kissed me with force, suddenly sirious, and i took a big breath when he detached from me, 'you already took mine, isn't it enough?' he breathed dipping his nose in my neck and kissing me again and again..........
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