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THE CITY IS MY CHURCH; rachel dawes

the crime rate has recently spiked up in gotham with the new sighting of the criminal known only as "the joker". after robbing a bank today and killing all his accomplices, the police are on search for him, but meanwhile, attend your jobs as normal.


'Gotham’s most notorious criminal, the Joker has committed yet another crime, that ended with an unexpected twist. After robbing the bank, Joker publicly executed all of his accomplices. .-“ i stared blankly at the tv screen, while i heard some screams from the outside. i watched critically at the shoots from the bank where scared people run frantically in every direction. 'rachel, oh my god' harvey breathed out, entering my office in a rush; i raised from my chair, 'savannah-' he added, taking a big breath and walking to me...... i heard my inner danger bell ringing, hearing his sister's name; i raised from my chair, 'what?' i asked, noticing his taut eyes and his puzzled expression. he mumbled something, tightening the grip on his cellphone. 'i tried to call her, you know....on her telephone' he said, dialing a number and bringing the mobile to his hear, i glanced at him in wait. 'damn' he nearly yelled, passing a hand through his hair, 'she should be home by now but she is not.....' he tried to explain, 'her dance school it's near the bank' he added, stroking lightly his blond wisps, 'my men can't find her and i'm so worried, i'm scared to death' i had never seen him so stressed, he looked like a boy with the messy hair and the watery eyes. 'plus i should be at the bank, trying to solve this mess with the joker-'. i reached him, taking his hands in mine, 'it's okay, babe. we'll find her. i'm going while you take care of the situation, ok?' i whispered, placing a kiss on his hand, 'savannah will be ok, she is a big girl after all.' i stated, while we walked out of the room and the building. 

i smelled warm air and dust, 'harvey, you got to go to the bank. i go to search her.' he looked at me with a thankful glance, 'i'm so glad i have you, rachel' he whispered, jumping on his car, parked just outside the attorney; 'i'll see you later' i replied, 'i'll call you as soon as i find her'.

running around the whole block in my five inches heels resulted harder than i thought. as soon as i got off the cab i had called to reach savannah's dance school, i was swept away by the yelling crowd, escaping the bank zone, just few kilometres away from the place i was. i handed some bills to the taxidriver before heading to the building entrance, 'is somebody here?' i yelled; nobody was to be seen in the empty hall, nor harvey's sister, nor a single random person.i run down the cold corridor as fast as i could, still trying not to commit suicide slipping on the shiny floor. 'please' i sighed, while trying to dial savannah's number with my phone and ticking in the empty building. 'oh, come on' i whispered again, more to myself than to anybody, 'please' i felt my eyes watery thinking of harvey's distressed face while he told me about his sister's disappearance. i imagined him, talking to the crazy journalists while worrying about her. i entered few rooms, scanning to spot her but it really seemed empty after all; i brought a hand to my face to massage my throbbing forehead.

 'who's there?' a tiny voice whispered as soon as i tip tapped out of the last room, my cellphone still in my hand. i headed to a dismissed door, which seemed to lead to a closet, 'thanks god' i breathed out when i recognized the tiny figure sitting, cross-legged, on the floor. the blond girl raised her head meeting my eyes with a smile, 'i knew it was you' she said with her usual strong american accent, 'finally........ i'm starving'. i shook my head in disbelief, 'your brother will kill you' i stated taking her hand to help her raise. she looked at me with a grin, 'my telephone was out of charge' she showed me her iphone, covered in a cute bunny case but clearly switched off. we exited the closet and i immediately dialed harvey's number: his broken voice startled me. 'it's me and i've found her, babe' i heard his sigh of relief and i imagined a gorgeous smile appearing on his lips. 'we are coming back home' i added, placing a hand around savannah's shoulders, who poked at me. i gave her my best scary look, which clearly didn't work, 'i'll see you there.' he replied, '........i love you' he murmured, 'i love you too' i whispered before shutting down the call. 

savannah snorted, turning to look at me, 'stop being this sweet, it's disgusting' i poked back at her, 'i find it adorable, brat' i replied, hugging her before turning serious 'so, what happened? you disappeared without a single word' i reprimanded her, 'harvey nearly went crazy. you MUST tell somebody when you change your plans,ok?' she pouted, 'i wanted to, but i was alone, everybody left the school when they heard about the bank-thing' she said with a thoughtful look, 'and my stupid phone suddenly went off. i didn't want to go out with that chaos; i could hear the screams from here' she muttered while we jumped back on a cab.' i sideglanced at her, she looked frightened even though she was faking to be relaxed. i stroked her hair gently, 'for this time it's okay, you'll better ask somebody to call the police department if it happens again. they'll know what to do', savannah raised to kiss my cheek, 'thank you, rachel'. i laughed while the taxi stopped and i spotted harvey, in his expensive trench waiting for us on the footpath, 'you are the one being sugary, now' i replied when the car finally left us and savannah jumped on his brother, crushing him in her arms. she turned to me to poke while harvey kissed her on her head; i giggled, 'take your hands off my fiancé' i faked a vexed expression, 'you jelous?' savannah answered while i walked to harvey and raised on my tips to kiss him deeply. 'ew' she moaned glancing at the two of us, tightened in a passionate hug, 'i'm still a minor, you know? i shouldn't be seeing these /things/' she snorted, hiding a smile. harvey grinned driving us into the building where we were living all together since few months, 'stop kissing, i said' she repeated, stamping her feet. i placed a quick kiss on harvey's lips again before finally turning to meet her eyes, 'stop being silly, sav' .......and you say i'm the jelous one, uh?'

+ @pudding-fong, i took a part of your story (the beginning- first two lines). i hope it's ok :)
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