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♫ everything | michael buble (HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE)

THE CITY IS MY CHURCH; rachel dawes (collab with @abcdefuck)

congratulations gotham! we've recently elected harvey dent as our new district attorney and the bruce wayne foundation is hosting a dinner in his honor. so be sure to put on your best cocktail dresses and head on down to bruce's penthouse in downtown gotham. only, the party just got interrupted a little early. by Joker.


i walked through the shining room, filled with flirty ladies and sleeked gentlemen in their tailored tuxedo, excusing myself and slipping through the crowd to reach harvey, who stood as gorgeous as ever next to a beautiful long-legged young woman wearing a thousand dollars black gown. i smiled politely offering my hand to harvey, who took it gently, interweaving his fingers with mine. 'so you must be the infamous rachel, the girl said smiling and i was nearly dazzled by her white teeth, 'me, in all my glory' i replied, giving her my hand and shaking hers lightly 'lynx dubois' she stated and turned to look back at harvey who started complaining (i bet for the umpteenth time) about the whole 'joker' situation. 'are you a model?' i intervened after some minuts, sideglancig at lynx's gorgeous blond wisps and her pefect tan, internally sighing still thinking to my late thoughts about some goddess-like swedish girl taking harvey from me.  she laughed, tossing back her head and sipping slowly from her flute, 'nope. just a common forensic psychologist' she stated, giving a quick look at my fiancè who chuckled. 'miss dubois is working for gotham police department, she's helping us understand something more about the joker.' he paused and i glanced at the girl who stood next to me in her tight dress: she didn't look like a grind but i guessed that appearence could be deceptive after all.

'Miss Dubois is working for Gotham PD, she's helping us understand something more about The Joker' harvey added while a gorgeous smile played on his lips. I felt my legs weakening as usual, feeling like i always did when i was around him.'oh' i said, simply, critically glancing at her, she was definitively not paying that dress with a government wage. 'and what do you do for a living, Rachel?' she asked, probably trying to keep the conversation going, since i was being unusually grumpy. she i€™s my assistant and my fiancé'  harvey stated and my smile became huge as i heard his proud tone. lynx glanced at the two of us, thoughtful; before she could reply we were interrupted by some shots. i tightened my self to harvey, but he suddenly pushed me and lynx behind a pale, leather sofa where i could see the knot of people who crashed the party, scaring to death gotham elite. 

'we made it' the joker laughed, firing a defeaning shotgun into the air to get people's attention. a white-haired lady started to cry, sobbing heavily. 'good evening, ladies and gentlemen. we are tonight's entertainment! I only have one question: where is harvey dent?' he asked pacing around the room. i felt shivers down my spine as soon as he pointed his shotgun at a wrinkled man in a fine, blue suit. I felt my eyes filling up with tears, i bit hard down my inner cheek to hold them. lynx grabbed my hand, 'everything will be ok. don't move' she whispered, biting down her bottom lip. i nodded with a worried look, 'do you know where harvey is? I just need to ask him something, little, hmm? no? you know, I'll settle for his loved ones.' the joker added, grabbing one of those shrimp sticks i had eaten for the whole evening. he chewed it slowly, giving a quick look around; i saw harvey, still, next to me, with a toughtful look. i gestured to convince him to hide. when harvey took a step ahead, i raised from my corner, 'ok, stop it' i gave a quick explicative look at lynx, who tried to hold me. 'what the f.uck are you doing, rachel-' she muttered, pulling the edge of my dress. i smiled weakly, 'you said it, everything will be ok'. i took a big breath: i felt his footsteps before seeing him, 'Well, hello, beautiful! You must be harvey's squeeze, hm? and you /are/ beautiful.' he paused, nearing his face to mine. i could feel his heavy breath on me, i gulped in fear. 'Oh, you look nervous. Is it the scars? Wanna know how I got 'em?' he got interrupted, before touching me, by harvey, who took a step ahead. 'you can tell me the story, leave rachel alone' harvey stated, fearless, approaching him.

i gave my fiancé a pleading look, /please/ i articulated the words in a whisper. 'it's okay, big r. you better leave this place with miss dubois, i'm in charge of it'. lynx raised from behind the sofa, with a perfect smile. the joker laughed, 'hello to you too, gorgeous' she gave him a dirty look, 'this party is super boring' she puffed, turning to the joker and back to me, 'let's go' she grabbed my hand, carrying me away from harvey. i felt tears of anger as i had to leave harvey's side, 'i'll wait you home, babe' i stated, meeting his eyes. he grinned, 'i'll take care of him' a disguised voice replied before i saw batman himself jumping on the joker and punching him; lynx pushed me to the lift, 'harvey will make it, Rachel. I’m sorry, but I had to take you out of there before you messed up real big. Don’t worry, okay?” she was trying her best to confort me but the only thing i felt it was a huge hole of pain and fear in my stomach. i sighed tighening the grip on her hand. i heard some screams but in a second we were already out in the street, in the fresh air.

lynx kept talking to me with a sweet voice, like she was speaking with child; i simply nodded while silent tears streamed down my face. 'i'll make sure you get home safe, alright?” i glanced blankly at the road in front of me. I heard the muffled sound of her fingers on a cellphone. 'I really need you to come to wayne’s penthouse, i’m downstairs with rachel soon-to-be dent. she needs to get home safe and I’m not about to trust a cab driver with her life. specially not with the joker upstairs”  she stated calmly but i heard no responce. she turned to me with smile and i immediately felt bad for my bad behaviour with her; we barely had known each other for an hour and she was already saving my life. 'I’ll go upstairs and make sure everything turns out fine, alright? you want me to call you as soon as harvey is okay?” she asked, meeting my watery eyes. 'thank you, lynx” it sounded more like i was apologizing, i took her hand in mine, my mind still with harvey. a car neared us and i blankly waited for a young, blackhaired police office to get down the car and to walk to us. lynx glared at him, without a word. I turned to hug lynx before jumping in the car, 'i'm sorry' i whispered, trying to speak with clean voice, 'i didn't want to disturb anybody' i whispered, my voice broken as my heart. He shrugged, 'it's my duty' he simply stated before leaving wayne's penthouse. 

I sobbed again, blushing as i felt his pitiful gaze on me. 'mr dent is a strong man' he said and i knew he really meant it. I nodded, 'i should be used to all this' i muttered, 'the threats....... the fear' i added, while the car moved through gotham, that looked ever darker than usual. i paused for minutes, 'i should be used to it, to harvey being the target' after few kilometers the car stopped just in front of harvey's apartment. I thought of his younger sister, sleeping in her room unaware of everything. i opened the door, getting down of the squad with a sigh. the officer shook his head before i could say goodbye, 'we never get used to it, miss dawes, though we should.' he replied with bitterness, 'after all, it's gotham we are talking about'. i shrugged, trembling in cold and worry on the foothpath, feeling awkwardly out of place in my evening gown. 'thank you for everything' he nodded with a sad smile, 'goodnight, m'am' he said before leaving me to myself.
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