♫ summertime sadness | lana del rey

THE CITY IS MY CHURCH; rachel dawes (collab with @anahelenaliveshere)

the women's society of gotham is hosting a tea party today, but without a place since the wayne manor burnt down a while ago, bruce wayne himself has offered up his infamous penthouse for the party. be sure to wear your sunday's best and be on your best behavior.

I hated tea parties, i really did despised how strangers were costricted to pretend to know each other and to chirp nonsenses in their best dresses, but here i was, again, sitting between rich women sipping earl grey in old china ceramics teacups. 'So what's your name again?' a blonde middle-aged lady in a pastel yellow chanel tailleur asked me, bringing the tea to her full (botox-ed) lips, shooking lightly her perfect hair up-do. A tight smile played on my lips and, for the hundredth time during the afternoon, i mentally yelled to my fiancè who had 'gently' decided to leave me alone in the lions cage. 'rachel dawes' i repeated for the third time before realizing she wasn't even listening at me but eyeing seductively at a cute waiter. I excused myself, smoothing the folds of my white cocktail dress and directing away from the livingroom through a long corridor, finally to a quiet room. 

Entering on of bruce's studios i noticed a blonde, pretty girl in front of a brand-new, black desk: nothing to compare with the old furnitures which belonged from generations to the waynes.... I sighed thinking of bruce's family manor, burnt down from the bases and with it, all my childhood memories. The girl suddenly turned to glance at me with suspect, 'sorry, i didn't mean to disturb you' i apologized, smiling, but she kept glaring at me with inquisitive hazel eyes. 'It's ok' she simply stated, putting down an old book and placing it gently back in its place, 'i was just looking for some place to hide' she turned to look at me while i took a step forward to sit on a huge, leather armchair. 'same here. can i join you?' I asked, offering her my hand, 'i'm rachel-', 'dawes, i know' she cut me off, with a sudden smirk. Se turned back to 'her' books. I glanced surprised at her, but she didn't bother to explain and then i thought about the recent facts and my name often connected to harvey's on the newspapers. i took back my hand, smiling. 'i'm naomi' she introduced herself after few minutes, without looking at me but opening a page of an old copy of agatha christie's 'murder on the orient express'. i raised from the armchair to grab one of bruce's book too: laura estimand's latest book. I went back to my place, 'i love her' i said showing naomi the cover of the book, 'have you ever read any of her work?' She dropped her eyes on it, smiling quizically to me. 'Uhm' she mumbled, casually wrapping a wisp of her thick hair around a finger, 'is she good?'. I nodded, opening the front page of the novel to read the incipit, 'i'm not a big thriller fan but she is pretty good' i replied, 'i'll ask bruce if i can borrow it'. 'Ah, yes. Mr wayne. Do you know him?' She asked, thoughtfully dipping her nose into the book, as she wanted to smell it. 'we used to be bestfriends, back when we were children' i replied simply, 'my mum worked for his family when they were still alive'. 

I felt stills of pain, remembering how they were killed and thinking about bruce's hurt face in those days. 'That was an ugly story' naomi muttered, glancing at me and smiling lightly, 'more like a novel than real life' she added, closing the book and leaving it on the desk. I shrugged, 'you like books' i said after a long pause and i saw her more at ease talking about something else. she nodded, 'it's because i'm a writer' she said, crossing arms around her skinny body.

'Impossible to dislike them, it just comes with the job' she replied, pushing some loose strands of hair behind a ear and taking deep breath. she lookd beautiful but distressed, somehow, with her hair up in a messy bun. her pretty dress looked crumpled as she had tormented it with nervous hands. 'a writer' i looked down at the book i was holding 'I suppose it's possible you might not have heard of this one' i kept smiling resting the book on her lap. she adjusted the skirt of her dress, running her fingers absentmindedly over the page, her eyes scanning the words and whispering them under her breath. my eyes rested on her and she shook her head. "Did I miss anything good?" i thought about her questio for a moment, absentmindedly. 

i placed the back of th left hand under my chin and looked at her with a thoughtful look, 'if you like that genre, you should totally read it' i muttered, side glancing at her. i paused befrore adding, 'so, where are you from?' she seemed surprised by my interest. 'what makes you think i'm not from here?' she asked, raising a brow and smiling. i laughed, tossing rebel wisps of my hair back, 'because i know more or less every face in gotham' i replied and she puffed, with a cute face that made her look younger. 'that must be very tedious' she said with a wider smile, tossing her blond head left and right, Â 'such a small city.....'. i grinned, 'i wouldn't dare calling gotham /tedious/, girl' i raised from the armchair to towards her, 'somebody might get offended'. i smiled facing her, 'i should go back to my friends' i spelled the last word sarcastically and she smirked, 'it's been a real pleasure' i added, meaning it: she had been better than half the women i had speak to for the whole afternoon. she nodded, 'gotham will make us meet again'. i reached the door before turning back to look at naomi, who stood still with the book i had reccomended her, 'rachel-' she said, thoughtfully. i smiled while she opened the first page of it to read the first lines, 'yes?' i asked, poking in to give her a last glance, 'denver' i blinked, confused. she gazed at me, a huge smile playing on her lips, 'you asked me where i am from and i'm telling you: denver' she paused, 'i'm texan'. i laughed, 'see you soon, naomi' i stated before getting out of the room, 'goodbye' i heard her far away voice and i was already back to my table and tea.
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