♫ heartbreak warfare | john mayer 

THE CITY IS MY CHURCH; rachel dawes

bruce wayne is hosting a formal dinner tonight in order to introduce his "son", dick grayson, into gotham society. please, come dressed in your best and be sure to be on your best behavior, yet again.


'bruce' i said, kissing gotham own most eligible bachelor on both cheeks, 'it feels like ages since the last time i saw you' he grinned, sipping some of the amber liquid in his crystal glass. 'i was busy' he said, waving dramatically his hand in front of him, 'meetings to preside at, parties to attend, women to seduce' i burst out laughing: he surely had lot to do, with the whole female genre after him...... 'you are too big-headed' i smirked, sipping some of my champagne, 'gotham people expect me to be so, rachie' he faked a sigh, gulping the rest of his drink, 'now, i should go.

 i think somebody is demanding you' he muttered, addressing to my gorgeous fiancé who was now walking to us,'when is the big day?' he asked, before leaning into me to whisper in my hear. 'soon, i hope' i giggled as he tried to make harvey jelous (with perfect results) approaching me. 'hands down from her, bruce' harvey's voice reached us, clear and strong, as expected, and i laughed. 'my man has come, finally. go seduce someone else now' i breathed before patting lightly on his shoulder. he pouted, passing a hand through his dark hair, 'i'm leaving the two of you to your cuddles, then.' he stated with a wide smile, his eyes already focusing on our russian business woman, few steps from us.

 when mr. wayne left, harvey kissed me on the lips, 'i didn't want to interrupt you' he said, glaring significantly at bruce who had just approached sabrina with gallant smirk. i puffed, 'you pefectly know that i chose you over him years ago' i turned to meet harvey's eyes, deadly sirious. he smiled warmly, taking my chin with his hand and kissing me deeply. 'i'm allowed to be a bit concerned about my fiancé's ex boyfriend aka her philantropist and super rich childhood friend.' he stated and even though he was smiling i knew he was thinking of the old times when i used to date bruce; it felt like ages ago and like something totally unimportant compared to what i now felt for harvey.

 i sighed, 'i chose you and i love YOU' he caressed my cheek, moving some wisps of my hair away from my face. 'i know, and i love YOU but i'm super jelous of everybody, of bruce wayne above all.' he whispered against my lips, placing his arms around my waist. 'stop being silly...' i muttered, leaving a chast kiss on his cheek and slipping my hand in his. 'don't think about him nor anybody else, i'm yours and soon i'll be mrs dent, if i remember correctly' his lips opened in a wide, super proud smile that warmed up my heart
 'i would marry you right now, rachel if i could-' i met his gorgeous, honest eyes and i immediately felt my eyes water, 'but?' i asked, faking a pout. he laughed, 'your dad would kill me, you know how much he wants to walk you to the aisle' i grinned, tightening the grip on his hand, 'and my sister is longing for a bridesmaid dress since ages' i sighed, raising on my tips to kiss him again, passionately, even thougn we were surrounded by most of gotham elite. 

'don't pout gorgeous, i'll make up for it. before christmas you'll be my wife, if you insist' he stated with a grin, pulling me out of the room to kiss me harder against a wall. 'before christmas? it's in two months, babe' i breathed deeply placing my hands up his chest around his neck. 'you choose the date and you better do it soon or we won't find the restaurant' i met his eyes, /he wasn't joking', 'you want me so badly to marry me so soon?' i asked, placing light kisses on his jaw. he smiled, passing his hand through my hair and nearing his lips to my lobe, 'i want you forever, rachel so if i have to book a church and a restaurant to make it so, i'm up to it'
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