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When Jess was young, her mother pushed her into a closet deep into the night and her eyes were foggy with sleep, the only clear image in her mind was the brightness of her mother's eyes.
"I need you to stay very quiet Jess, okay? Stay very quiet."
And Jess slumped into the closet and didn't speak a word for the next fifteen years, even when the people in blue uniforms with bronze badges asked her what had happened Jess refused to talk. They even gave her a badge of her own that is shoved in a box under her bed to this day. But she didn't say anything.
Her mother told her to be quiet.
So she was going to be quiet.
And silence is a very heavy burden.
Number 1 out of 5.
based off a character from a fanfic, like the others that are yet to come.
because I have no imagination anymore.

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i liked it and followed you _ i never do that so well done

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Accepted! :D

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@h-obbit I didn't add captions tot his one. >.< hope that it's okay.. I'm tired D:
Name: Jessicka (Jess) Yale
Age: nineteen
Gender: girl
About: When Jess was little, her whole entire family had been murdered while she hid in a closet until the police came and found her. Ever since she had been selectively mute, and she's actually a very sweet girl. But she hasn't changed much from the silent four year old that she once was. She understands people amazingly well, but she can't express herself vocally. She and Charlie have a very close bond, and she relates to Noah as much as she can.
Fears: She's afraid of blood and birds.
Dreams: To hopefully trust someone enough to talk. She trusts the boys a lot... but she still isn't ready.
A Secret: She already has multiple books published as Best Sellers, just in a different pen name completely.
Face Claim: blond girls. C:
name | relationship | tagged: {who has made this character?}
{( she's practically family with Jayme, Charlie, Noah, and Knox)


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