first, if you are joining, don't audition yet!
second, i know this is one hell of a weird roleplay. it's not like manhattan teenagers, or famous stars, but i don't know, i just wanted to trying something.
i dunno if anyone rmemebers maria? 'mari'. but anyways she deleted her poly to go back to work, like, and getting her head in school, cause she was in high school so yeah c: she gave me the idea.

(this idea and group was made on october twenty-second, originally by jesse. don't use this idea, if you do, credit goes to @waldorfsdaughter. this roleplay is based on modern day times, and the business world. a friend helped me with this idea a long time ago, but she no longer has a polyvore and so credit goes to her, if she does ever return.)
"i'd like to see paris before I die. philadelphia will do". - mae west.
"business is a combination of war and sport." - andre maurois 
"they love to hate the upper ass, cause that's dollars." - frederic trumper
philadelphia is the home of business. much like new york is the home to broadway, and people who clearly judge you, and how paris is the home to smoking people, eating baguettes and croissants. 1500 market street, happens to be one of the most famous business centres in all of philadelphia. the business world is much like any other. with scandals, hating, violence, denial, and yet, it has all of the happiness, luck, and health that a normal life has. business is not a trial and error sport, it's where you convince them once, or you don't. there's no "uh, um, er". the business is run by greggory malkovich, a russian born ex-reporter, and lawyer who set his goal to be a reporter and have an ideal job that will change the world. with his group of excellent staff working together to create help and work, the business world is in good hands.
O1. in this business, no one can have relationships. it is at utmost importance that everyone keeps pleasure away from practice, or however the saying goes.
O2. when in law, whether you are certain or not, act like you know what you're saying.
O3. if you do need to take a day off, be sure someone can cover for you.
O4. DO NOT EVER have a relationship with the proceeding client, that is against all terms, and if you are caught you will be terminated from the office immediately.
O5. we do not accept major gifts and/or presents. if you're going to celebrate with a bottle of champagne, that is the biggest gift you may receive.
O6. many of you will have to talk with the press. if so, be sure to rehearse some lines before. you can never be too prepared.
O7. we do not work for those who cannot afford, at many times. if we do decide to help that person out, it is for a specific reason. all asks must go through malkovich first. 
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