Coffee and cakes:
I immediately started brainstorming after I heard about this RP lol. Here’s what I got. ^^
Name: Park Cheondung
Age: 20
Cheondung puts full effort into his job at Coffee Prince. He’s always helping out people who are in need. The girls like him for his sweet personality and cool image.

Name: Lee Ji Eun (IU)
Age: 18
During her work hours at Antique Bakery, IU is confident, charismatic, and does a great job at handling customers. She loves her job because it’s the only place where she believes she can be fearless. When the uniform is off, (or in other words, when she is not working) she becomes Ji Eun- the unconfident, uncharismatic, shy girl with a big crush on Cheondung. She wishes to have confidence during the times she frequently visits Coffee Prince to see him. However, each time she visits Coffee Prince she is dressed in disguise. The last thing she would want is for someone to recognize her as IU from Antique Bakery.

Small intro:
Cheondung’s POV
“Welcome!” I greeted the customer. She was wearing the biggest hat I’ve ever seen.
“Annyonghaseyo.” She said in a low voice.
“What would you like? Maybe a larger hat?” I joked.
Her small lips curved as she held back her laugh. 
“Maybe a smaller hat would be better. Then I could see your face.” I smiled.
“One muffin please.”
“A muffin? What kind?”
She paused some more. Almost like she was really nervous. “Blueberry.”
“I think we have some more blueberry muffins in the back, hold on a second.”
I found some extra blueberry muffins and rushed back to the counter.
“One blueberry-” I stopped mid-sentence. 

The girl in the big hat was gone.
Hopefully IU in this RP won’t remind you of Pilsook. That’s the only thing I’m concerned about.. but umm..yeah.. thanks for reading! ^^
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