Coffee & Cakes:

Seungho's POV

I observed through window couple of annoyed customer leaving Antique, passing street and entering my place.

It was happening constantly since Minah has started working there instead of Yoona.
I wasn't surprised; that little brat could give a headache to anyone.

Sales at Coffee Prince were improving, Hara was usually torturing only me - she still wanted to turn me into ideal boss of this place. 
In her opinion ideal boss was someone with chocolate abs and confident speech, who could attract customers and business partner.

Long time ago I faced it that I'm not Yunho; handsome and popular; but his brother. With some fat on belly, with dark circles, unlucky and shy.

"Yah, 20 push ups for wasting time on staring through window. " Hara entered my office without knocking.

It was going t be another wonderful day -.-

Narrator's POV

"IT SMELLS SO TASTY!!" Minah yelled above Taeyeon who was working on cake. Without understanding much, Taeyeon looked around being scared by Minah's loud voice.
"I'LL BRING THAT TO CUSTOMERS!" Minah jumped to Bom, taking plate with cookies from her.
"Bet the cookies will land on customer instead of being delivered to his table?"Eun Hye said as soon as Minah had left kitchen.

No one answered since it was too obvious.


Minah was too energetic to WALK with plates; she always jumped or run and bakery wasn't spacious enough for. It was too easy to bump over something and fall down; or slip on freshly cleaned floor.

But major problem with Minah was that from time to time cakes delivered by her landed on the floor. Problem with her was her voice. Loud, definitely too loud, and full of cuteness. The most annoying voice you could have imagine.

"Here." Nana handed Minah her first salary.
"Thank you!" Minah hugged Nana, even though it wasn't needed.
With money in he pocket, Minah wanted to go shopping and boy another stuffed toy to her room. Or maybe save it for plastic surgery? She wanted to have big eyes like European girl...

Not being sure how to use the money, MInah came back home to her single mother. Her older brother Dongjun wasn't yet home, and even if he was he would be locket in his room, looking for peace.

"Don't answer that!" Minah's mother stopped her from picking up ringing phone.
The girl listened to her mother and went to her room to get ready to sleep.

Next day Minah's family was rather unpleasantly woke up by sudden visit of some ajumma.
Ajumma who was landlord lady.

She didn't bring good news; in fact for not paying rent she threw Minah's family from their rented apartment, making from them homeless.

Minah's mother was poor businesswoman who kept trying to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, she lost all they have. Dongjun was too busy serving Hara to notice financial problems, Minah was..too silly.

Standing outside their ex-apartment, with bags full of their all properties, Minah's family started doing what they usually do.


"How's it possible you don't have any money?!" Mother yelled at her elder son.
"Those clothes cost a lot and Cruella, my boss, won't let me to wear anything cheaper!"
"Do you know that all we have is Minah's first salary?! With that amount we can go enjoy ourselves in amusement park, not rent a room. We're homeless!!!"

Minah's family went to seek help. Their first stop was Hara's house.
As expected Hara only laughed at her employees bad situation, and said he can sleep on her doormate if he's desperate.

He was desperate with his crying sister and yelling mother behind his back.

He was desperate enough o go to a different place.

Seungho's POV

Doorbell woke me up. Who could it be?
Wearing only pajama I opened door to see unexpected guests.
"I need your help hyung!" The male looked at him with puppy eyes." We have to move in to your apartment. For month or two."
Seungho rubbed his eyes. It was a nightmare and he was still sleeping. He pinched himself.

It wasn't a nightmare.


I promise to write more soon; I should write longer story -.- sorry!
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