Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Chorong’s POV

I was sitting in dining room, trying to focus on the dish in front of me.

The room was unusually crowded and filled with various noises; the group of new – and very handsome - guys had arrived at pension that day.

I looked at their faces; all of them could be models or something; but I didn’t feel nothing. Absolutely no butterflies in my stomach, just like if I was sitting not between pack of handsome boys but elderly man without teeth. 

But even the slightest thought about Simon filled me with strange and unfamiliar nervousness. 

“Chorong-ah, your food is getting cold.” Mi Young tried to cathc my attention by pointing Her spoin at my half empty plate.
“You’re right, unnie. But I strangely don’t feel like eating.”
“I know, it’s not easy to eat much in front of so many handsome boys!” She smiled and peeked over my shoulder at JongIn’s friends.

I sighed; all those boys meant nothing to me; only one mattered, and realizing it was scary.

“Chorong-ah, you’re not eating it?” I was sure it was again unnie, but her voice was too masculine. I turned right to see who sat next to me, and it was no one else than Simon.

When I , a bit surprised, shook my head no, he grabbed chopsticks from my palms and started eating from my plate.

“The camp is about to end and Mrs. Lee is keeping us so busy that I had little choice: stay at campsite and use the break to eat there or come here.” He explained with full mouth; more to the girls who were sitting around the same table than to me.
“Tomorrow, we’re having bike trip on nearest hill, wanna join?” He asked, finishing the dish.

I’m sure we are thought the same: physically tiring trip with ALL camp girls wasn’t a dream of any of us.
“Maybe you Chorong?”
I shook my head no, just like others. And I’m pretty sure I saw a bit of disappointment in Simon’s eyes which made me regret my decision very quickly.
“It's a shame.” He sighed.” Maybe next time, right girls? I’ll be going now.” He left us before I could say something.

With remorse I walked on Beach; but it wasn’t the same place when Simon wasn’t around.

I wasn’t in mood for reading in my room either.

I kept have in my mind the image of his sad puppy eyes when I had said no to his invitation.

Finally I made my decision and went to the kitchen where I found Grandma. 
“Simon is going on trip tomorrow.” I explained and Grandma kept smiling encouraging me to say more. To confess.
“And I feel so guilty about saying no to his invitation.
I want to spend with him every moment but bike trip? I’m not the most fit person in the world. I can’t compare my sport skills with those camp girls.”
“So you refused being afraid you’ll embarrass yourself in front of camp girls?”
“Do you care about their opinion?”
“Why should I care about…?” And that was the answer; I wasn’t caring about their opinion; I wanted to spend some time with Simon, and any girls could stop me from that!

“Chorong,do you know how to prepare bento ?” Grandma asked me with her warm smile.


Simon’s POV

“Everyone ready?” I asked the camp girls who nodded enthusiastically. 
“It’s so early.” Park hyung yawn; he was going on trip as well, to look after girls with me. “You don’t like sleeping?”
“Hyung, I don’t like sleeping alone.” I joked.

When we were about to departure, someone stopped us.
“Wait for me!” It was Chorong, and it was hard not to burst into laughter at her sight.

With bicycle she had borrowed from Yurim, and tiny backpack she didn’t look like ready for the trip; she was city girl and every detail of her outfit – from skirt to sandals – was confirming that.

“Is something not right?” She asked checking her outfit and looking like if she had lost all her confidence and regretted standing in front of us.

“Do you know how to use bicycle?” 
“I bet mosquitoes will eat her alive!”
“How she dare to try joining us?”
Camp girls were ‘whispering’ among themselves loud enough for Chorong to hear that.

“Chorong-ah, I’m glad you joined us!” I encouragingly smiled to her.” You only forgot something to protect your pretty head…” I put my cap on top of her head. “Park hyung, will you lead the trip? I’ll be closing…”

Hyung nodded his head, and ordered all girls to follow him; I also knew he wouldn’t made the pace too fast for Chorong.

The two of us were the last to jump on our bikes and start moving forward; Chorong looked a bit woobly but I was riding close enough , just in case I needed to catch her.

“So what made you change your decision?”
“My hobby is biking, hiking and living close to nature.” She said in serious tone but we both know it was just a joke; when we stopped laughing, she silently said, answering my question truthfully: “You, babo.” 
When she said that she pedaled faster to join the group.

“Break time!” Park hyung announced.
“We don’t want to have break for HER.” Subin said.
“It’s break for me.” Park hyung was glad to put his bike aside and sat on fallen tree. I sat next to him, handing him big bottle of water from my backpack.
“See that tree?” I pointed at the plant. “Rest there.”
“But oppa, it’s far!”
“That’s why I picked that tree, I don’t want to hear your nagging during my break!”

When hyung, Chorong and I were left alone, she blushed and apologized to Park.
“I didn’t know Park-ssi would go on trip as well, and I didn’t prepared one for you.” She said in apologetic tone, pulling out two boxes out of her backpack.
“That’s okay.” He took off gigantic box compared to Chorong’s from the back pack I was carrying. “I’ll go check the girls.” He winked at me and left me alone with Chorong.

“What did you prepared?”
She handed me the box; she wasn’t looking at me but at her fists nervously clenched; she looked cute being nervous and embarrassed.

I opened the box; wondering what was inside.
“Kawaii!”I announced when I saw ‘smiling’ food inside. It wasn’t much tough, but I appreciated Chorong’s hard work on preparing these. “Domo arigato!”
„Why do you speak Japanese?”
“Gomen! Sorry! I tend to speak Japanese when I’m moved.”
She smiled at my answer.

We couldn’t enjoy the moment of being alone for long; soon camp girls where back, screaming ‘oppa! We have to go now!’

We were back on bicycles; and now Park hyung insisted it was my turn to lead.

I was jealous of him riding next to Chorong; and they had great time as I constantly heard their laughter.

When we reached our destination: small waterfall it was time for another, this time longer break. The camp girls quickly changed into their bikinis to jump into lake below waterfall; Park hyung found a big flat rock to lie on it and tan, and I could have some time with Chorong.

I found a meadow near the waterfall; close enough to the girls, yet not well visible from the lake.

Chorong collapsed on grass and laughed. “I’ve never thought I would enjoy lying on grass!”
“You’ll have to carry me – and my bike – on your back all way back to the camp!”
“You think I won’t do it?” I laid next to her and grabbed her hand. “I can carry you anywhere you want!”
She giggled; probably imagining me carrying her – and her bicycle – on my back.

I decided to risk and straddled on top of her.
“Simon, what are you doing…?” She asked surprised. 
I leaned closer to her and flip a piece of her hair beside her ear.
“I’m going to kiss you.” I whispered; our lips where almost touching.

“OPPA!” Woohee screamed way to near. I quickly got up – I didn’t want one of the camp girls to misunderstood anything.
“Oppa! I’m thirsty.”
“You could ask Park-ssi..”
“Park ajusshi is sleeping!”
“Bottles with waters are in backpack; go and take one.”

When she left I sat, frustrated.
“Gosh, I thought she would never leave.” Chorong said, massaging her feet. “You were standing on my feet all the time!”
“Let’s look for different place.”

But ay different place wasn’t better; wherever we went, one of the Camp Girls came to spoil the mood with ridiculous requests; as if they were doing it on purpose.

It was time to depart back to our camp; I was packing back everything the camp girls took off the backpack; they were ready, nagging when we would stat our journey back; Park hyung was still sitting on his rock, finishing eating ramyun. 

Chorong was standing a bit further; she didn’t want to be near the Camp Girls.

I was mad and frustrated; those girls spoiled everything.

When I got up, with backpack on, I noticed Chorong slightly running in my direction; she had ‘now or never’ expression painted on her face. She wasn’t caring about the Camp Girls standing between us: she pushed them impolitely.

She grabbed my neck to lean closer and pressed her lips to mine; it wasn’t anything more, just a short kiss.

It took me few seconds to realize what was happening, and to kiss her back. Passionately. I wrapped my arms around her back to pull her up close to me. Her hands were playing with my hair. I had to break off the kiss to catch some breathe and it was the moment when Park hyun cleared his throat very loudly.
“Girls, come on, get on your bikes! And you two – “ he smiled at us. “Get a room!”
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