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Chapter 4

When I woke up it was silent. Keeping my eyes closed, I could feel it was warm, and as I opened them gently I saw that it was bright outside. I mentally panicked for a moment as I realized I was in a unfamiliar place, sleeping on the couch of who I finally remembered was Zelo's, the giant kid from last night. Still in a dazed awakening the first thing that popped into my head was I was going to tell him how wonderful his pillows were. Very soft and comfy. 

I snuggled in more on my pillow when it occured to me that it didn't really feel like a pillow but more like...a person? I shifted my face up to see that I was mere inches from Changsun's face and that I was using his shoulder as my pillow. 

I jerked back, but didn't wake him. If it wasn't for his slightly heavy breathing I would have thought he wasn't alive since he was still and quiet. I leaned forward again to see his sleeping face. A quiet Changsun? How unusual...

"Oh you're awake" I quickly whipped my head to see Woo Ram unnie leaning against the doorway with a sly smile on her face. 

"Good Morning" I whispered, trying not to wake the others on the couch sleeping as I got up and made my way over to Woo Ram. "They look good together" I noted as I saw Zelo and Zin snuggled next to each other on the couch. 

"So do you two" she replied, motioning to the sleeping Chang Sun. 

"We are not...oh whatever" I muttered as I grabbed my things. 

"Where are you going?" Woo Ram asked me. 

"Back to my hotel, my parents must be freaking out" 

"Chang Sun called them last night when you fell asleep during the movie...oh speaking of which, you should probably check your phone" Woo Ram said trying not to laugh. I quickly grabbed my phone off the table and switched it on. My mouth was just left open as I saw the next picture saved on my screen. I was sleeping on the couch next to a smiling Chang Sun who was attempting to do aegyo at the camera.

"Pabo" I muttered but I didn't change the picture as I pocketed my phone. As if he heard me, he stirred a bit in his sleep and opened his eyes to see me attempt to leave quietly. 

"Where are you going?" he asked groggily. 

"Home" I repeated. 

"Oh, I was going to make some banana nut muffins for breakfast..." I heard my stomach growl as I opened the door slightly. 

"Should I leave a seat open for you Ri Ah" Woo Ram asked, clearly hearing my signs of hunger. I didn't say a word but just closed the door and walked back inside. 


"I think you're ready" Chang Sun said dramatically handing me a waitress apron with a notepad. 

"Thanks" I said dryly taking it from his hands. I was not looking forward to putting on a fake cheesy smile, taking orders from tourists. 

"There is your first table" Chang Sun said spinning me around to face the main part of the cafe. "Remember to smile!" he said cheered. I gave him a look as I tied my apron around my waist, and placed my cliche notepad in one of the pockets of the bright blue material. Suddenly I felt his hands on my back. He fumbled as he tightened the strings on the back. "There, so it won't fall off"

"Are you guys done flirting yet?" Him Chan said passing by with a tray in hand. I practically growled at him while Chang Sun quickly backed away from me, looking completely embarrassed. 

I walked away and headed out to my first table, currently the only table filled in the cafe at this odd hour. I was confident until I came closer and saw who was sitting there. It was a group of four girls that I recognized from the camp that was a the pension. 

"Hi, what can I get for you guys today?" I said, trying not to scowl at their annoying high-pitch voices. 

"Oh look it's that girl" one of them whispered, while giggling. 

Another one rolled her eyes and I heard her mutter "We should have just gone to the Japanese Restaurant down the street..."

"There is coffee...and cakes..." I tried explaining like Chang Sun taught me.

"How about him? Can I get him?" Another one said pointing to Him Chan. 

"No, I like the cutie at the counter" the one who giggled before said, hiding behind her hands after she made that comment. All the girls turned to stare at Sunggyu who was talking to a 

"No I like that one," the fourth one said pointing out Woohyun. 

"None of them are for sale" I said through gritted teeth. "Now if you girls want another moment to look at the menu-"

"Oh wait, look at that one" I looked behind me to see that Chang Sun had come out to rearrange some pastry dishes on display. "Now that one is the cutest" 

"Oh he is, good catch" 

"Are you going to ask him out? Because if you don't then I will" the giggly one said when I suddenly yanked the tablecloth from under their plates and sent them clattering to the floor. They shrieked as my action scared them when all I could do was grin at their reaction. 

"Now if you girls are done, please pick something from the menu or leave" I said with a fake smile, but they could all tell that I was not pleased by the venomous tone that was coming out. 

"Listen here b*tch, I don't know what your problem is-" one of them said standing, coming closer to me. 

"You" I said getting in her face. "You and your slutty friends are my problem here. If your not going to order then get the hell out!" I screamed at them. Another girl came up and pushed me and then when everything went to hell and I was taking on all four of them at once. 

"Stop it" Woohyun cried out trying to pull me off the stupid giggling blonde girl that was currently under me. Sunggyu was trying to pull the other two girls who were resisting quite a bit. "Him Chan, hurry up here and help" Woohyun called out as one of the girls almost tore his shirt. 

"I don't really want to..."

"HIM CHAN!" the two boys screamed.

"Alright, alright" he said throwing down his towel on the counter. "Ladies, ladies, if you are going to fight," he said approaching our group "Wouldn't it be best to fight over me?" he said arrogantly.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" Suddenly everyone stopped as the door banged open and in the doorway stood a very angry Woo Ram. Everyone scrambled to their feet, the girls quickly fixing their clothing and their hair even though it did them no good. The boys quickly pushed past them and walked over to Woo Ram and tried blocking her way. 

"Nothing happened, what makes you say that?" Woohyun replied innocently and tried using his greasy tricks on Woo Ram noona, but she wasn't budging. 

"It was just a small...misunderstanding" Sunggyu tired clearing up. "But everything is fine now" 

"It is not! This girl attacked me!" one of the camp girls said pointing to me. 

"Yeah, she pulled me hair!"

"She started it!"

"That's not true" I shouted back. I was about ready to lunge at them again when I felt someone's hand gripping my forearm and saw that it was Chang Sun. He quickly let go when he saw my murderous look and fiddled with his fingers. 

"Well, I'm sure if we talk this over-" Woo Ram tried stating logically but the camp girls interrupted her. 

"We won't be coming here again, not with this freak working here" one of them declared. The others quickly agreed and shook their heads. 

"Let's go" the one who's hair I had pulled bumped her shoulder into me on "accident" as they left the cafe in a huff. 

There was an awkward silence left in the room. "Does this mean I'm fired?" I asked bluntly. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes but I just shrugged. Might as well address the white elephant in the room. 

"Please leave" Woo Ram said rubbing her temple. I took off my apron apologetically and handed it to Sunggyu who was closest to me. I bowed to everyone before I left the cafe, trying to hide the tears that were appearing in the corners of my eyes. 


This was a bit shorter than my usual updates. But if I continued then it would have been wayyyyyyy too long for an update. Love to know what you girls think ^^ Comments are loved :)
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