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Wow, I made this a lot longer than I had planned to 0.o 

Well more for my lovely readers to read :)

This story is only about half way over so far...still more to come. 


Chapter 6

The situation should have been awkward between us. We were simply sitting our teas that Chang Sun had made for us at his small kitchen table, without a word spoken for over a couple of minutes. "So...strange weather huh?" I finally commented. It seemed like after he had asked if I wanted Tea, Chang Sun had forgotten I was there and was lost in his own train of thoughts. He looked up startled for a moment, as he suddenly remembered he had a guest. 

"Oh's rainy" he said dryly, taking a sip. I took another one myself and then pushed the empty cup away from me. 

"Why aren't you at the cafe?" I asked. He didn't say anything but twiddled with the his tea cup's handle. He finally looked up a small smile. 

"Do you want to go take a walk?" he asked. 

"It's raining" I pointed out, looking to my side at the window where the raindrops were dropping softly but steadily. 

"I know" he answered getting up. "Come on" he said motioning for me to get up. I followed him and watched as he led me to the back porch that exited to the thin shoreline of the ocean. He reached over and grabbed a jacket and handed it to me. "You're going to get wet and catch a cold with that" he said looking at my jeans and T-shirt. 

I grabbed it, huffing as I put it on. "Well I wouldn't get wet if I stayed inside" I pointed out, but he ignored me and put on his own jacket. We stepped outside and onto the wet sand, it felt weird and unusual. Along with the light rain and the cold breeze. Chang Sun was right about the cold as well. Yet, I was here outside with him anyways. 

"Why did you want to come out anyways?" I muttered, zipping up his jacket and crossing my arms tightly. "Don't tell me you like walking out in the rain?"

He let out a small chuckle. "I'm guessing you don't" he stated turning to me with a small smile. 

"No" I responded back pouting. "It's cold, and you get wet. I don't see it why people like it" 

"I agree" he said quietly.

"Then why did you want to walk out here in the first place! You are so weird!" I protested, stopping in my trail. "Aish!" I said as I accidentally stepped in a water puddle, getting water in my socks. 

He stopped and supported me as I dug my foot out of the wet sand. "Because it's better than just staying in my house" he responded back in a whisper. His tone seemed sad, and I could understand why; he house seemed so lonely and dark as if no one lived there. 

"Then you should have just gone to the cafe pabo" 

"Maybe you're right" he said surprisingly agreeing with me. "But as you notice I don't feel much like smiling today, it would have brought down the whole mood of everyone. I didn't want to ruin everyone else's day" he explained. 

"Well, everyone is worried about you" 

"Were you worried too?" he asked, turning to look at me. We continued walking but I didn't answer him. "Why else would you be here if you weren't" 

"Ya! Don't think I'm going all soft here on you!" I responded back loudly. "I just...I knew you weren't sick so I came to see what was up. You don't seem like the type to ditch work" 

"Do you want to make something with me?" he asked randomly changing the subject. 

"Huh?" I said confused. 

"Do you want to bake something with me?" he asked. And that's when I noticed we had come up to the sidewalk, with a bus bench nearby.

"You want to bake now?" I asked skeptically. He nodded so I shrugged. "I can't bake" 

"I can help you"

"I'm telling you now; I'm basically a safety hazard in the kitchen" I said waving around my hands. "Things explode in my presence" I added. 

"Well you can be my assistant then?" he asked hopefully. 

"Okay," I said avoiding the puppy dog gaze he was giving me. 

"Yay!" he said happily cheering. It was the first time that day that I had seen his original personality. "Omo! The bus is here! Quick or else we are going to have wait!" he said starting to run towards the bus station. A red bus was coming up and letting people off. I stayed frozen for a moment since Chang Sun had left so suddenly. He came back and sighed, grabbing my wrist and pulling me along to the bus that was starting to leave. I began running too and we both ran up, Chang Sun banging on the door. The bus had only moved a couple feet forward so the bus driver stopped and let us on. Chang Sun held my hand as he helped me up the narrow steps and led me to the back. It was very full because of the rain so it looked like we would have to stand since there was no seats available. 

I noticed that Chang Sun was still holding my hand so I quickly drew it away. He looked down but I couldn't read his expression since only a moment later the bus lurched quickly around a corner. I stumbled, almost falling on an elderly couple that was sitting nearby, but Chang Sun quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He was taller than me and was able to reach the handlebar above his head to keep his balance, but I was in the middle of the aisle. 

The bus turned again but this time I grabbed Chang Sun's arm. I cleared my throat and released my grip on the fabric slowly, feeling a bit embarrassed by the sudden reaction. "Here" he said grabbing my hand again. I looked at him skeptically. "So you don't fall" he said quietly, lowering his head. I nodded, noticing how nice it felt to have my smaller hand inside his bigger one. And it was warm too. Something took over me and I intertwined my fingers with his in a much more intimate nature. I tired avoiding his gaze but out of the corner of my vision I swear I saw him smile softly.


A while later we had arrived in front of a very familiar location; the Paradise Cafe. "What are we doing here?" I said looking out the window. 

"To bake, this place has everything" he said getting up. He pulled me along gently and paid for the fee. Both of stepped off and headed for the front entrance when I remembered once again that we were holding hands. I stopped in my track as Chang Sun reached for the door handle. He looked back at my confused, until I motioned to our hands. I reluctantly slipped my hand out, instantly feeling colder. But he didn't say anything but smiled and opened the door, sending a strong scent of baked goods in our direction. 

"Chang Sun!" 

"Hey! Your back!" someone else yelled out. 

"How are you doing sport?" Woo Ram unnie said getting up from a table nearby. It looked like she had been taken a small break. 

"I'm good. If it's okay, can we use the kitchen? I'll try and stay out of the way so it does not disturb business" 

"Sure, but let us sell some of the stuff you make" 

"Okay, we have a deal then" he said shaking her hand. "Come on," he said to me. "Let's start making some treats".

We head to the back of the kitchen so we wouldn't be in the way. Chang Sun started going through all the drawers, pulling out bowls and mixing tools and other ingredients that I couldn't name. "What do you want to make?" he asked. I thought about it for a moment before I knew the perfect choice - the dish from the first time I entered the cafe. 

"Is Strawberry Shortcake alright?" I asked. He stopped for a moment and looked at me in a way that I couldn't understand. 

"That would be perfect Ri Ah" he said, and took out a small box of strawberries from the fridge. 

"Where did you learn to bake?" I asked after watching him start to cut the strawberries. 

"My mother taught me. She used to bake all the time" he explained. "My dad was always working, and I was an only child so I spent a lot of time with my mother, and she would always be in the kitchen making something. So I quickly learned"

"You must have been popular then" I commented. He didn't say anything and I realized that I had something without thinking. "Sorry, I just -"

"No, it's okay," he said looking up with a small smile. "I know I wasn't. I was the boy who liked baking. Of course I would get comments from my classmates, especially since I went to an all boy's school"

"That must have not been a good time"

"I got used to it, I really didn't mind it that much" he said honestly. "If I liked it then why should I care what other people think?"

"I like to sing" I blurted out. Chang Sun looked at me surprised. 

"You do?" he asked genuinely. 

"Yes" I responded. I didn't know why I was telling him this but the words just came out. "I always liked singing when I was little, I wanted to be a singer..."

"Are you still trying to be one?" he asked. "When can I hear you sing?" he asked cheekily. 

"Never" I said sticking out my tongue. "I decided not to do it...anymore" I said trying to not let my emotions show. 

"Why not?" he asked, looking at me with concern. 

"No reason" I quickly lied. "So what do we do now?" I said changing the subject.

"It was her favorite you know" he said. I don't even think he heard my question. 


"Strawberry Shortcake...that was my mother's favorite dessert"


"So now you just add the icing and then we have to put on these thin slices of strawberries that I cut up" he explained. Chang Sun had mostly taken over, with me handing him things he needed from time to time. Watching him bake was a completely different experience that I was used to seeing from him. He did everything calmly and carefully, handling everything so delicately in his fingers. It was a change from the clumsy pabo I saw everyday. "Here, you can add this" he said handing me a tube of icing to make designs on top of the cake. 

"I don't know how to do this" I said trying to squeeze the icing out, but it didn't seem to want to come out. 

"Like this" he said coming up behind me. He placed his hands over mine and tried squeezing it from the top but it came out quickly and ended up spraying back at us. 

"You pabo!" I yelled, trying to get the icing out of my hair. He started laughing at me, and very loudly too, only causing me to be more irritated at him. "Stop that! It's not that funny!" But he looked at me and gave me that stupid grin. 

"It's because you got some on your nose" he said wiping some off. 

"Aish" I muttered, quickly grabbing a napkin from Chang Sun and wiped the rest off. I looked up and saw that he was much closer than I had expected him to be. When I saw him lean down I quickly stepped back and almost tripped over a box of supplies. Chang Sun reached out to grab me but ended up tumbling froward with me and we both hit the ground hard, knocking over the metals silverware next to us. Loud clanking has heard as it all hit the ground next to us and I opened my eyes to see a surprised Chang Sun hovering over me. "You really can't go a day without tripping, can you?" I mumbled, trying to get up but Chang Sun didn't move. I saw his eyes look down at my lips and he leaned forward. 

But only seconds before our lips I breathed out "Don't" and he stopped. "I'm sorry" I breathed out. 

"It's okay" he responded, he got up and extended a hand for me to use to get up. I grabbed it and quickly got up, not letting us get close again. "Let's just finish this cake" 

"Of course" I said, slightly surprised at how well he was taking what I said, worried if I had hurt his feelings, relieved that he didn't force anything...but yet also slightly regretful. I wondered how it would have been...


and thank you to @kittykathearts, @equinoxstar, and, @denisa-hosook , for commenting last time with your ideas. I love you girls so I'm giving you all virtual cupcakes!!! With sprinkles!!! hehe :) Especially since all of your girls basically got it right as well ^^
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