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I told myself I would stop making it angsty but I just can't! This story is writing itself, without my control, and it has decided to continue on being all ansty. 

Oh well, at least my winter edition one will be happy ^_^ 

Oh yes, I'm joining as well. I love these characters too much to let go of them yet! 

Ok, so onto the story! Enjoy :) 


Chapter 9:

"Why am I being tortured in this manner? What did I ever do to deserve this?" I said, sprawled out on the counter dramatically. 

"Get up, there are customers coming in" one of the boys yelled at me, throwing a towel at my face. I would have bet anything it was Him Chan since he picks on me and everyone else as well. 

"What's the matter?" Woo Ram unnie said, coming up behind me. "Aren't you going to be heading home soon?" 

"Yeah, in about five more days" I said dryly. "But that's not the problem" 

"Oh? What is it then?" she asked. 

"My unnie blabbed to my parents about...well, Chang Sun. They think he is my boyfriend and they want to meet him. It's more like an interrogation dinner if you ask me" I said mumbling the last part. 

"You two are cute together" Woo Ram commented with a smile on her face. 

"Not you too!" I complained with a pout. "Why does everyone say that?" 

"Because it's true" she declared. "And it's obvious you two like each other" she said winking at me. I blushed slightly and I could see the huge grin that formed on her face. "Oh you do! Then why don't you ask him out?" 

"Because, as I said, I'm leaving in five days" I said rather sadly. "I mean I do like him, he got me to like him. But nothing is going to happen. It's just a summer fling that's all" 

"Does he know that?" Woo Ram asked, making me look at her. My mouth opened to answer her "of course" but that's when I realized, I didn't really know. Suddenly the door from the kitchen came crashing open, nearly smacking me right off my feet, with Chang Sun entering with a tray of hot muffins. 

"Agh! Hot! hot!" he exclaimed, dropping the tray on the counter with a clang. He quickly started shaking his hands, giving me a look as if he was an injured puppy. 

"This is what mittens are for! You don't just grab the heated tray from the oven you pabo! You could have seriously injured yourself! Pabo!" I said hitting him in the head with my towel. 

"I'm already injured and your hitting the sick person!" he snapped back at me with a pout. 

"Where is the first aid kit?" I turned and asked Woo Ram. She pointed to the back and I grabbed Chang Sun's wrist and dragged him with me. I finally found it and brought it back from the high shelf and set it down on the table where Chang Sun was sitting. "Here!" I said pushing the box next to him. 

"No, take care of me!" he said cutely. 

"Are using aegyo on me?" I said narrowing my eyes at him into a glare. 

He suddenly looked scared and started stammering no. 

"Good, because you're too old for it" I lied. Truth to be told, it was one of my weakness. But I didn't want to get further attached. "I don't know how to do any of this, so you just do it" I said pushing the box towards him again. 

"Please?" he asked, cutely once more. I glared at him but finally opened the box and pulled out random things. Chang Sun did know how to fix up his hands which were slightly red. He had apparently only held the tray for a couple of seconds, and after it had cooled down from it's dangerous temperature, which is why he didn't have any serious injuries. But they were still painful red marks left. "Grab that there" he said pointing to a small tube. "And just smear some" he directed. 

"Why am I doing this again?" I muttered but grabbed his hand, rather harshly. He winced and instantly pulled away. 

"You're doing it wrong!" he whined. 

"You're just being a baby" 

"I'm injured, be gentle" 

"Fine" I said grabbing his hand again, but softer this time. He instructed me the rest of the way. Finally I wrapped his hands so they would be protected. "There, all better?" I asked. 

"Yeah" he said with a wide grin on his face. I couldn't help but blush and look away as he was staring at me that way. I cleared my throat and turned around again to suddenly realize he had leaned in closer and our faces were mere inches from each other. "Thank you" he said softly. 

"Uh, your welcome" I said quickly getting up to leave. I brushed aside my apron and turned to leave, when I suddenly remembered. "Actually, I was wondering if you would do me a favor...?" I asked meekly. 

"Sure, what is it?" 

"Have dinner with me tonight" 


"This was not what I was expecting" Chang Sun whispered, looking wide eyed. I had opened the door and looked down at what I was wearing; a black mini dress that Jessica had forced me to wear. 

"Oh this...yeah" I said awkwardly, clutching my elbows, wanting to just hide in myself. 

"See this is the boy!" Jessica shrieked, pushing me aside. She opened the door wider, allowing my parents who were behind me to get a full view of Chang Sun. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights, with a shocked expression on his face and a bouquet of flowers have risen in the air, but frozen in mid-action. "Oh how cute, he bought flowers for little Ri Ah" she cooed, putting her hands around my shoulders. "And you claimed you weren't dating".

"We are not" I corrected. "He obviously brought them...for you" I said grabbing the flowers and shoving them in Jessica's hands. "As a welcome gift...right Chang Sun?" I said giving him a look.

"Oh yes, those are for you" he said with a fake smile on his face. While Jessica gushed over the flowers and how gorgeous they were, Chang Sun gave me a confused look. I quickly ushered outside, and pulled him lower so I could whisper in his ear. 

"Sorry about that" I apologized. "But I didn't want her to go all crazy during dinner" 

"Is she joining us?" he asked surprised. 

"Actually my whole family is...surprise" I said, the last part quite weakly. He just stared at me as if he couldn't comprehend what I was saying. "Are you okay?" I said waving my hand in front of his face. "Please don't tell me I've put you into shock. Okay, maybe I should have told you that when I asked you-"

"I didn't bake anything" he interrupted. 


"I didn't bake anything! What are you parents going to think of me! and look at my outfit" he exclaimed, pointing to his attire. I took a step back. "It's looks fine" I commented. He just made a wheezing/ choking noise and looked like he was going to pass out. "Chang Sun, stay with me here" I said grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him towards me. "We will get through this, just be nice and it will all be over quickly" I assured. Suddenly Jessica came through the door with my parents all set to go. 

"Oh look, I think we interrupted a moment" Jessica giggled. I suddenly gasped, realizing that it seemed to an outsider's perspective that we were about to kiss by me holding onto his collar and pulling him forward. I let go and quickly pulled back, and Chang Sun made an awkward noise. The boy looked absolutely terrified. 

Oh this was going to be a long night...


We were finishing up our meal when suddenly my mother's eyes twinkled and she leaned forward to face Chang Sun who was sitting across from her. That's when I knew that it would begin. "So Chang Sun, you work with Ri Ah?" she asked innocently. 

"Yes mam" he answered politely. He had been awfully quiet, compared to his usual self. 

"I hear he is the baker" Jessica pipped in. 

"Oh really? Why you must be very talented! And an excellent cook" my mother said clasping her hands together. "That is so good since Ri Ah can't cook to save her life" 

"Umma!" I whined in protest. 

"She even burns ramyun, how sad is that?" my mother said ignoring me. I just banged my head on the table, hopping this night would be over quickly. 

"And what do your parents do?" my father asked, sipping on his drink. 

"Oh well my appa works as a manger for the National Bank" he answered. 

"And your mother?" Jessica asked. I shot her a death glare but she ignored me as well. 

"Oh look, dessert" I nearly shouted, holding up the smaller dessert menu. "Sounds good huh?" I said smiling brightly. 

"But Ri Ah, you don't even like desserts" my father corrected. 

"Appa...." I hissed. 

"You don't?" Chang Sun said turning towards me with a knowing expression. "That's funny, because Ri Ah seems to like-"

"Oh she likes desserts," Jessica interjected, taking a look at the menu herself. "But she is so picky about them, nothing ever pleases her". The look on Chang Sun's face was one full of smugness that I knew meant I was going to get teased for this later.

Eventually everyone ordered small plates for themselves. Jessica was especially excited since her manger had been on her case about not having any sweets or else she would have gained weight for the swimsuit season. "This lemon pie is calling to me" she said hungrily as the waiter came and placed the dish in front of her. She took a small portion with her fork and raised it up to her mouth when it slid right off and onto her expensive Italian dress. "NOOO!" she wailed, catching the attention of the nearby guests. 

"Jessica, calm down, it's just a dress" my father said. Jessica turned and gasped at his statement. 

"Just a dress?! Appa did you say just a dress?!" she wailed. "This is a one of kind, handmade, stich by stich Italian masterpiece and now it has....lemon" she hissed at her pie. How strange that one moment she was in love with it and now she hated it. 

"Well dear," my mother said looking around. "Just dab it with water and I'm sure that will help the stain come right off" 

"Oh, I'll help" Chang Sun said getting up. He ran over around the table to Jessica with his glass of water when he suddenly tripped and the water ended up all over my mother. Chang Sun looked mortified and his mouth was just opening and closing like a flailing fish. "I AM SO SORRY" he shouted and tried to help my mother out with his napkin when he suddenly pushed against Jessica's chair and she leaned forwards right into her own cake. She came spluttering up with lemon pie all over her hair and face. Chang Sun looked at this point like he was about to die. 

I burst out laughing. Everyone stopped and looked at me as I just sat there, laughing like an idiot, clutching my stomach. Pretty soon everyone started joining in, even a couple people around us at other tables. Chang Sun's face lightened just a bit and he even joined in with a smile of his own.


After we had dessert (which wasn't nearly as good as anything that Chang Sun had made), we all exited the restaurant. "Should we call for a taxi?" my father asked Chang Sun. 

"It is alright sir" he answered. "I can just take the bus, the bus stop is just a block away" 

"I'll walk you there" I added, going over to stand next to him. 

"Oh you two really look adorable" my mother said excitedly. "Stay out as long as you want" 

"Not as late as you want. You better be home before midnight young lady" my father interjected. 

"Use protection" Jessica said with a wink. 

Both Chang Sun and I blushed furiously. Before my family could embarrass me any further I waved goodbye and motioned Chang Sun to follow me as we rounded the corner and out of sight. I grabbed his hand quickly and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god that night is over" I exclaimed contently. He was looking at me quite weirdly and then down at our hands. "What?" I asked. 

"Nothing" he mumbled and instead just squeezed my hand. "You look pretty by the way" he said shyly. I bit my lip to keep myself from showing a big goofy grin at this remark. 

"Thank you" I responded, letting go of his hand to wrap my arms around his waist. Being with him just felt so right, so natural. I was always instantly happier when I was around him. And at first I believed it was because he had that ability to make people happy. And he does have it, but I knew at that point that it was more than that. I was happy...

...because I loved him.

"I'm going to miss you when you leave" he said softly and kissed the top of my head, wrapping his arms around me too. And like that the glass shattered, the cold water was poured all over me, the cartoon piano fell from the window and crashed against the street. Reality had decided to rear it's ugly head and show itself. And without meaning to, I felt myself cry. First a tear, and then a waterfall ran out full of sorrow and grief for a love that could never be enjoyed. 

Chang Sun stopped and leaned down to wipe the tears from my eyes, looking quite scared since he probably didn't understand why I was crying, and crying so badly at that. "Shh, stop crying Ri Ah. I don't like seeing you like this" he said softly. I tried to stifle my tears but his kind words were only making it harder. " I love you" he said after a moment. 

I threw myself at him, clinging to him tightly in the middle of the streets, at ten at night. Luckily no one was around; not because I didn't want an audience while I was crying but because i didn't want to audience to ruin this moment. I wanted to say, I wanted to return the same words back at him. But I couldn't. He didn't say anything but just hold me as I finally calmed down from my sudden high emotions and just melted his arms, feeling instantly safer and warmer. 

I love you Chang Sun.

But those words only echoed in my head, refusing to come out.


Got inspired to write this since I saw everyone else was posting today C&C stories ^_^ 

One more chapter to go! At least until this part is over
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