Coffee & Cakes [summer edition] Collection:

This is the final installment of Coffee&Cakes summer edition. Sorry it took so long to finish but I hope you girls enjoy the ending. 


Chapter 10:

I heard the jingle of the little bell above the door of the cafe go off as I stepped inside the cafe. I looked around feeling very somber as I took in the smells and sights for the last time. 

"What are you doing here?" Ram asked me from the counter. "Wasn't yesterday your last day?" 

"It was" I said walking up to the counter, looking up at the menu on the blackbaord behind her. "But I wanted a coffee and cake for the road home" I smiled lightly. 

"Of course" Woo Ram said smiling as well. As she took my order I noticed that she was pretty deep in thought since she charged me $124 for a mocha and a strawberry shortcake (but quickly caught her mistake). 

"Is something wrong?" 

"Well, I was trying to find a solution to a certain problem...and I think I have it" she said proudly. "You are heading back to the city right? Seoul?" she asked. I nodded. "Then I think we might be seeing each other again".

"What do you mean?" I asked, lowering my voice.

"I mean, that we might be opening up a branch in the city. Now it's not settled in stone but if we do head up there then I'll be able to offer you a job. How would you like to come back and work for me?" 

"Wow," I stated shocked. "Yes, yes of course" 

"Ok, but you will have to come back as a waitress"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" I asked a bit hesitant. 

"Well I think you will do a good job. As long as you don't throw and dishes at customers" she said giving me a look. 

"Only if they deserve it...?" I tried. 

"Fine. Only if it's a super duper good reason" Woo Ram laughed. "And then you clean up your mess afterwards" she said seriously. 

"Of course" I answered back smiling. "I hope you do give me a call" I added. 

"Me too" she said handing me my coffee along with a piece of cake wrapped up in a pretty box. "Should I call Chang Sun, he is in the back if you want to say good-bye..." but she stopped when I shook my head no. 

"We already said our goodbye yesterday night" I replied. "See you soon unnie" I said walking away. 

"Bye Ri Ah" she called back to me. I exited the Cafe feeling a sense of relief and also sadness that I wouldn't return for quite awhile. I turned back to look up at the sign above the door remembering the events from last night...


Chang Sun and I found ourselves back in front of the Cafe; except it looked quite gloomy all closed up and dark this late at night, with only a dim light over the door. "It really makes a difference when there are people here" I stated. "When there isn't anyone here, it's rather lonely".

"Of course, you need good people and the right attitude for things to look bright and the feeling to be sincere" he replied back. 

I looked up at him. "You are such a weird kid. Always saying weird things to me..."

"Doesn't mean they aren't right" he said wrapping his arms around me in a swaying back hug. I let him because every time he was near me I felt the little butterflies in my stomach flutter around rapidly and my heart start racing. Was this that thing they called love? I thought I felt it with my old boyfriend but that was obviously not the right feeling. This seemed much nicer, yet at the same time much more dangerous. 

"How do you do it?" I asked him.

"Do what?" 

"Stay this happy" I asked him. "Makes me feel selfish in a way; I have all of my family that loves me and cares for me. I'm young and I still have my future ahead of me. I have my health and enough money, to an extent, yet...why do I still feel so unhappy? And you who has lost someone dear to can you still be so positive?" I said, feeling myself let go a lot more than I would have liked. 

"Because," he said taking a moment to think. "I still believe in people. I still have things such as faith and trust. You lost it because someone stole it from you. All you need to do is get it back" He said turning me around to face him. "and you will one day. I was kind of hoping it would be me, but I see now that it's not suppose to be me. But I know you will get it back one day" he said grabbing my hand. "Now you better get home because it's getting cold. Fall is coming" he said leading me to the lonely bus stop across the street. We only had to wait a couple of minutes, before a bus came cruising along slowly from around the block. It stopped in front of us and I took a deep breath before turning to Chang Sun. 

"Thank you" I said sincerely. I didn't have to say it was for his words and not for walking me to the bus stop, he seemed to know as well. 

"No problem" he said and let go of my hand as I climbed up the steps slowly and made my way over to the nearest seat by the window. I pressed my face against the fogged window and saw Chang Sun waving goodbye to me. I waved back with a small smile as the bus pulled away and he faded away into the darkness of the night. 


I knew then that couldn't be the last time I saw him. I got out of my daydreaming haze and came back to the bright noon sunlight outside the cafe. I turned around to head back inside when I crashed into someone who was rushing out of the cafe at the same time. The sudden impact made my mocha spill all over my white sweater, staining it dark brown. I also dropped my cake and the box split opened causing the cake to roll out into the gutter and stop in the mud. "Watch where you're-" I stopped my yelling to look up at who it was. "...going" I finished weakly as I saw a flustered Chang Sun in front of me. 

"Sorry" he said after a moment. He cleared his throat. "I...well...Woo Ram said your name...and I heard it from the back room...and I wanted to see you..." he stammered. He suddenly looked down at my sweater and opened his mouth in a silent gasp. "I'll get you napkins for that...oh and I guess another coffee then-"

"You were wrong" I said interrupting him. 

"What?" he said dumbfounded. 

"You were the one that made me see it again" I said with a soft smile as I pulled his face down and kissed him deeply on the lips. I pulled away, opening my eyes to see him blinking his eyes with the same dumbfounded expression on his face. I smacked his head. "But just because I like you doesn't mean you can bump into me and make me spill my coffee all over me, pabo!" I said pushing him way softly with a smirk. 

He finally broke out into a smile and engulfed me into a tight hug. "Ya! You big doof! I can't breathe" I said hitting his back with my fist. But he didn't let go and just held onto me tighter. And this time, I was happy to let him.

Only for the boy who taught me how to smile again.


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