Name: Kim Haneul
Age: 16
Bio: Haneul is an aspiring music producer, current high school student, from a small town in Ohio. She was a straight-A student, but nothing special. Nothing was that special where she lived. 

So when her quirky aunt invited her to live with her and attend Seoul Performing Arts High School, Haneul couldn't help but accept. Of course, it took a lot of begging and sucking up to make her parents agree. 

Haneul lives in the second floor of her aunt and uncle's building, the first floor being a small antique shop full of all sorts of hidden gems. She'll occasionally watch the shop if her aunt needs to go attend to an errand, but she usually spends her time sitting in a corner of Winter Rose, her nose buried in textbooks. Although her dream is in the music industry, Haneul's habits of studying hasn't worn off.

Name: Jung Joon Young
Age: 23 
Works as barista
Bio: Joon Young is a carefree soul, a musician who sings on the streets of Hongdae. He loves his guitar, just as much as he loves his clubs and girls. He's known around the area for having exceptionally good looks and his player personality. 

Joon Young is cocky and confident. He knows he's handsome and he thinks he can take any girl he wants into his apartment for the night and throw her out the next morning. He acts smooth around ladies, but when he's with the guys or when he gets flustered, his dummy self comes out. He always blurts out the first thing in his mind.

Name: Park Hyung Seok
Age: 17
Part-time baker at Winter Rose
Bio: Hyung Seok is Joon Young's little brother who's always been kept in the shadows. He's an artist with unpolished talent. He tends to be a little shy and reserved to most people, but he has a good friendship with his classmate, Haneul. (she may just be one of his only friends)

People call him weird because of his eccentric blue hair, but Hyung Seok doesn't even notice because he's always in his own little world. 

I think I might have to tweak my intro here and there, but that's pretty much it. Hyung Seok's looking good. And I just had to use Joon Young because, well, you can't help but like Joon Young. Especially once you hear him talk, lolol xD

no short story for my intro today, I'm so hungry and tired. :( (black friday is stoooopid, I'm sad.)
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