Seoul Mate

Ok, so now Stephanie is the main character until I can get back to use May... ^^ it's kind of pointless story but I really have no inspiration, lately I feel like I don't have any reason to make sets... I've been just cleaning drafts and being uncreative... ughh... whatever...


“Seruday?” I repeated to myself speechless, I wrinkled my nose and turned off the TV, throwing the command as far as possible from my reach and buried my face in one of the sofa cushions. “And May likes them” I sighed, unable to understand why my best friend liked Teen Top so much when they were just a bunch of incompetent teenagers who couldn’t spell Saturday properly. I made a mental note: ‘ask May why on Earth she likes those kids’.

It was already two weeks since May had left and I was feeling better, I started to talk with some of my classmates and we were growing closer, May’s friends called me from time to time asking me to meet them in the infamous Seoul Mate and Suho texted me everyday; of course I still missed my best friend but on the bright side, I didn’t have to stand G’s criticism or rudeness, my life was definitely getting better and I started to like Seoul more and more day by day.

That weekend I had decided to accompany one of my new friends from university to a showcase of her favorite group, she didn’t bother on talking me about them since she knew how ignorant I was in that field so she simply dragged me to the place where the event was being held. When we finally arrived I saw a lot of girls holding signs and fanning themselves while waiting in a long line. 
I rolled eyes and took off my phone to send May a message.

*Thanks to you, your best friend has been dragged to an idol group fanmeeting T_T*
It didn’t take long for her to reply.
*Wae? G is with me now?* I read hurt.
*Hehe, I’m just kidding baby, where are you? EXO fanmeeting?* She inmediately apologized.

“Min Hee, what’s the name of the group?” I asked to my classmate, she had a lost look in her eyes; probably her mind was already imagining her ‘babies’ performing.

“Errr… Uh?! They’re newbies, you don’t even know about Big Bang, are you supposed to know them?” She laughed as she touched my shoulder playfully. “They’re Nu’est” 

“I know them!” I shouted frantically, my friend looked at me raising an eyebrow, I quickly fixed my mistake “I mean, I’ve heard about them” I lied, after all, who would have believed me if I said that Suho from Exo-K had took me to a concert where they shared waiting room with Nu’est and I had exchanged few words with them? That definitely sounds like a fantasy tale.

“My babies should be really popular if you had heard about them” Min Hee said excitedly. 

“Well… actually… “ The crowd started to move and before I could notice I was trying to grab my friend’s hand to avoid being separated from her. “It seems they are” I stated.

And I definitely was right, their popularity was not a joke, even thought there were visibly less quantity of fans than during the concert of the past week, Nu’est managed to make the girls go crazy, they shouted their names and scream whenever they saw interaction between the members.

After a round of questions and games between the members, few girls were picked to go on stage and get a picture with the guys, Min Hee was complaining about not being picked when a staff member approached to me out of the blue and asked me to go on stage, I couldn’t say anything ‘cause my classmate had already pushed my forwards. 

“That’s the good thing about being foreigner!” I heard some girls saying as they enviously glanced at me as I made my way to the stage.

“They always pick foreigners!” Another fan complained loudly as she threw me a glare and I quickly wondered if May sometime had to hear the same comments, most likely she didn’t, she rarely showed herself in front of fans and she was lucky enough to date SHINee’s Minho without being caught. If it had been me, I was sure, I’d have been caught immediately. Yeah, that was another reason to stop thinking that someday Suho and I would date.

Whether Stephanie was way too naive, clueless or nervous, but she didn’t noticed that Baekho’s eyes were fixed on her all the time she was on the stage. He recognized her a while ago, she was like glowing in the middle of the crowd and he immediately beamed at her sight. Later when she was standing a few meters away from him, he got the same feeling than the first time he saw her, except that this time he already knew that she was friendly and kind, there was just something bothering him and it was the fact she seemed so close to EXO members the last time he saw her, probably she was dating one of them. 

After a quick handshake with the chosen fans, Nu’est members autographed the albums and photo cards the fans were holding. Stephanie felt like an idiot when she realized she didn’t have anything to sign. Well, nothing except for the book she was reading at the moment. She took it from her bag and embarrassed handed it to the idols, Ren chuckled and signed the cover, Minhyun reaction was similar as well as JR’s, fortunately Aaron made things a little less awkward when he asked for her name, when it was Baekho’s turn, he simply smiled at her, but in his head her voice kept repeating the simply one word of her name.

“Thank you” Was the last thing she said as a smile crossed her lips and Baekho followed her with the eyes as she walked away.

Stephanie, went back home with an autographed copy of Anna Karenina and giggling whenever she imagined what May would have said about it, at the thought of her friend, Stephanie couldn’t stop thinking that it probably was the way things always worked for May, her friend always kept repeating that whatever that happened in her life was just a question of fate and for the first time Stephanie could fully understand it. 
Did May meet Minho, Suho and Jaeseop the same way? Was she always gifted by the whimsical destiny with those beautiful coincidences? Stephanie deeply envied May for a fraction of time because even thought she had suffered, at least she had been able to feel the excitement of loving and being loved. 

And as if he knew she was thinking about him, Suho texted Stephanie in that very same moment, and she took it as another coincidence, not knowing that he was thinking about May, craving to know what she’d say at all the problems he had in that moment.
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