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* Ptolemocratia Eithne Symphorosa
* Late 20s.
* Despite her odd name (her mother was a lecturer on Ancient Greece), she's an Irish gal and always has been. Comes from Galway. Lapsed Catholic.
* Necromancer born into a family of Weather Mages. The first one for many generations. Her great-great-grandmother was reportedly a bean sí and necromancer, and apparently Tolly follows in her footsteps.
* Has a dorky fringe.
* Swears in Irish Gaelic.
* And smokes menthols.
* In her late teens/early twenties, was nearly as big and bad as Fia. They were very briefly lovers. She turned good before Fia did, and that played a factor in their break-up. They both agree that it's in the past. She's now engaged to their boss.
* Coroner at the Morgue. She also works on corpses the company gets or produces. She reports on odd occurrences she sees and works as part of their forensic team.
* Rather respected occult expert.
* Likes the odd drink.
* A little bit gangly.
* Passionate, hot-headed, tries to stay grounded and very, very, very human. That's what first attracted Fia to her, and visa versa. They still flirt sometimes, even if it annoys Saba. Has a very sharp tongue and sharp temper. Enjoys classical literature and ancient greek dramas. Runs hot and cold. Appreciates angry... uh... friskiness.
* Goes by Tolly.
* Has a large scar on her arm from when her mother accidentally spilled white-hot soup on her.
* Kinda sweary.
* Sometimes thinks she likes the dead more than the living.
* Owns three black cats - Isabeau, Blanchefleur and Bran.
* Big, -big- heart and a complete sucker for tears and sob-stories.
* Once part of a secret cabal of dark-wizards, and now works as a double-agent for the good guys. She really wants to cut loose from the cabal the first chance she can, though, because they... tempt her.

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