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❧ Alice George
age: twenty-four
hometown: london
position: lady-in-waiting
Alice is the prince's cousin, the daughter of his father's sister. seeing as she was truly raised in the royal family, she is impeccably perfect. she also grew up with Andrew and Victoire, and was one of the many people who truly wished that she were the one he had chosen instead of Pippa. just a few months from her wedding to her fiancee, a young British lord by the name of Henry James, she has been called back to London from her home oxford in to oversee the princess-to-Be's court. and she plans to run it with an iron fist. there will be nothing improper going on in this household, or else Alice might have to drop that steely royal exterior and show her true colors.
style: very prim, mature for her age, kind of prude
model: It's either Karlie Kloss or Monika Jac Jagaciak 

- - - please tell us a little bit about your life up to now, in your own words.
My name is Alice George but I prefer you to call me Allie, though Alice George will do too. I just entered into my 24th year of royalty, of life. I run a tight ship and nothing usually gets by without my consent. When you first look at me you may be thinking I act a little catty, but that is only when you first look at me. Don't bother trying to kiss up to me unless you want to befriend me. Usually, I am not as rude as I look. You can call me moody. Keep in mind though that I may not be your typical "twenty-four-year old". I am much too sophisticated for my age and will get bored in a conversation if it is about silly, trivial things. I am very maternal to my friends at the inner circle. They regularly come to me seeking advice or for guidance. I'm not the wisest or oldest, but I appreciate when they come to me asking for my opinion on matters. I tend to say it like it is and I am not sorry if it comes out wrong or you take it the wrong way. Again, I am not sorry if what I say filters into your brain in the wrong way. That's not my problem. 
I am very tight with the inner circle and if you're not in it, I will treat you accordingly. Otherwise, I'm very loving and caring. Unless..

Also, I recently got engaged to Henry James. He's quite the fellow--charming, gentlemen, over-the-top polite and a little too perfect. But, as much as I love admiring from afar, I am not even near to being ready for marriage! I may look like I've got my life under control, but a marriage...oh, that will just upset everything. But, he is so...perfect. I suppose upsetting the natural cycle of things will have to be worth it. For once. 

- - - everyone's good at something, and I'm sure you're good at a lot. what might those be?
Hm...helping others, being in charge, protecting my friends, baking (yes, that strawberry chocolate cake was made by me, Allie George) and arranging bouquets. I learned a thing or two from a florist and I absolutely love flowers, especially red ones! I am also good at sewing, and fixing things. If you need to alter a dress or anything of the sort, then you can come to me. 

- - - at the same time, no one is perfect. any flaws you'd like to share?
Well, I guess that would be over-sharing. I don't usually talk tons but when I do, I tend to tell a little too much. I also don't like partying too much. I am a bad listener sometimes and can tune out voices if I don't want to hear them talking. I also have the bad habit of staying up too late which causes some unsightly bags to appear under my eyes. Other than that, I consider myself perfect. Well, perfect to me.

- - - what kind of things are you into?
I sort of answered that in the second questions. Baking, advising, sewing and staying up late. I love watching movies, sappy ones and you could say I like dancing. I'm teaching my self salsa from my dance instructor. Ssh, don't tell anyone. It's my secret, sort of. Let's just say I've had a few ankle injuries already. I also like innocent people, I can mold them into something I'm proud of.

- - - and on that note, what kind of things could you do without?
Backstabbers, liars, boring people, over-eaters, dull people and oh, comedy movies. Note: I do not laugh often, and when I do, I'm laughing at you. More often then not. 

- - - why do you want to be a part of {COL}?
COL seems like the perfect type of roleplay fit for me. I like challenges and Alice seems interestingly fun to play. I want to be apart of this roleplay because I can portray Allie very well.

- - - please list your top three choices here
Top 3:
1. Alice
2. Savannah 
3. Aoife 

- - - please designate your top three model choices here (in order)
1. Karlie Kloss
2. Monika Jac Jagaciak
3. Doutzen Kroes
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