This is a tag I got from @grace-girl in her gorgeous set

The challenge was to pick an item from her set, one from page five of my items list and then make a set based around those two.
I picked the picture with the girl and the shoes from my items! :p
Now I'm challenging you to do the same thing! 
Pick an item from my set, one from your item list page 5 and make something amazing :)
@lenasupernatural @kristina-moni @hieuanh @rainie-minnie @africagirls @ashley-rebecca @m011ywood @letterelle @lacas
I'm super sorry if you don't feel like doing a tag (or if you already did one). Just ignore this if that's the cases :P

Tomorrow last schoolday and then it's WEEKEND! Oh, I can sleep in again!^^
Yesterday I made a superdupaextreminternetshoppingmarathon by Zara! :-) Found a lot of things and I hope they will look cool when they arrived!

Oooh, guys I am so sad. My friend from south africa had her last day at school today and tomorrow she is leaving Germany. :-( So sad that the time ends here and now our funny conversation must go on over skype! :/ *sigh* How fast time is ending?!

Hope you are having a great day and that you are all fine! xxx Sarah
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