i think i'll use this to plot things for elsa and try to really develop her character (and a bit of jack).
feel free to read if you want, but it's not necessary; it's mostly my ramblings.

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Let It Go | Frozen
I Knew You Were Trouble | Taylor Swift
Touch | Daughter
Falling Slowly | Daniela Andrade 
Let Her Go | Passenger
A Fine Evening for a Rogue | Lydia
Civilian | Wye Oak
Superman | Five For Fighting
Iron | Woodkid
Winter Breath | Adrian Von Ziegler
Bravado | Lorde
Wear It Like a Crown | Rebekka Karijord
Never Let Me Go | Florence + The Machine
The Call | Regina Spektor
Dark Horse | Katy Perry
Iris | Goo Goo Dolls
Collide | Howie Day

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{ELSA FACTS ie ramblings}

❅ Elsa loved both her parents dearly, although she can't help but feel that her father resented her powers. Her mother, on the other hand, she was very close to.
❅ When nervous, unsure, stressed, or pressured, Elsa will run away to the North Mountain, where her ice castle still resides so that she can think things through in peace and quiet
❅ She hates the warm summer days in the Kingdom of Violet, and has been known to secretly cast small snow flurries for herself to stay cool
❅ She's always very prompt and on time for events. 
❅ Poised, polite, and proper are the best ways to describe Elsa
❅ Although she's also been known to 'let loose' from time to time, so long as Anna is with her
❅ To relax, Elsa often turns the Royal Ballroom into her own personal ice skating rink. Recently, she's even invited the children of the kingdom to come and enjoy it
❅ She tends to carry chocolate morsels with her to snack on throughout the day when no one is looking
❅ The many years of isolation growing up have made her very aware and knowledgeable about the things going on around her. She knows more than she lets on.
❅ Because she had private tutors, Elsa is incredibly intelligent and wise beyond her years.
❅ Her stomach instantly churns at the thought of marriage--there's far better things to be worried about than finding a king, in her opinion.
❅ Elsa took an instant liking to Kristoff and considers him to be the brother she's never had.
❅ She has worked very hard to establish good diplomatic relations with all of the kingdoms--except for Emerald.
❅ She enjoys visiting the Kingdom of Amber the most, to see her cousin Rapunzel (I'm going with that theory floating around about Anna & Elsa being Rapunzel's cousins due to their mothers being sisters).
❅ Elsa has a bad habit of biting on her lower lip and twisting her fingers together when she's nervous. Not many people know of that quirk. She also occasionally twirls her famous braid around her fingers.
❅ But for the most part, she can hide her emotions very well and usually has a stoic face when in talks with the Council. 
❅ She dislikes the Council but sees them as a necessary evil who she will continue to listen to (without realizing how much control they actually have over her)
❅ She can be very stubborn, which usually surprises people

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i think i need to rewatch rise of the guardians again.

❅ The Kingdom of Violet isn't Jack's original home. No one knows where it is, to be honest
❅ Jack first arrived in the kingdom on the day of Elsa's coronation as Queen.
❅ He's been a nuisance around the kingdom for a while, but nothing bad enough that requires banishing him.
❅ He enjoys pulling harmless pranks on people and getting away with it. Most of his pranks involve the Royal Guard and freezing them.
❅ Jack didn't know of Elsa's powers until the freezing of the kingdom. After that, he felt a bit jealous that he was no longer the only one who could control the winter.
❅ Elsa disagrees with his use of his powers (although, to be fair, she doesn't know /who's/ powers they are...just that things around Arendelle have been mysteriously frozen over)
❅ Jack knows /of/ Elsa, but doesn't know her personally. He doesn't think he's worthy of knowing the Queen because he's just a commoner.
❅ Jack and Elsa are each others' foils. Jack is relaxed, trouble-making, and adventurous while Elsa is poised, proper, and an astute rule-follower
❅ One of his goals is to get the Queen to lighten up a bit and get in a bit of harmless trouble with him.
❅ Because of his powers, Jack can travels realms and worlds. He may be invisible on "Earth" but that doesn't mean he's invisible everywhere else.
❅ Magic works on him in mysterious ways...ways one may not suspect.

"This is all very flattering, but you don't want me. You're all hard work and deadlines...and I'm all snowballs and fun times."
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