A Collaboration for A Haunted House!

Hey friends! Its that time of the year, and I have seen plenty of spooky sets out there! Would you like to create a room or art set or spooky exterior set for this house? Just tag me in it and I will add it to this collection! I am tagging friends but dont feel like you need to make one. I know we are all busy with our lives and family and work and other sets on here so this is just for fun! Thanks so much!
  • All Hallows Eve!
    "Here is your inspiration! A spooky eerie haunted house! What can you come up with to make this house even scarier?" — @kearalachelle
  • All Hallow's Eve
    "what a fantastic set by @cb-hula ! This just screams haunted... from the rotting roof to the dimly lit candelabras. Is this a dinner for ghosts?" — @kearalachelle
  • Wednesday is sleepwalking...
    "@mollygrant has put a real. live. person in this house!!!! I am not too sure how long she may stay alive, someone is peering over her shoulder. Maybe she knows what is to come?" — @kearalachelle
  • Haunted Hallway
    "Are you hearing footsteps? The creaking of a stair? A small childs giggle? If you are interested, you may just walk upstairs to see what is going on, but you might not like what you see. @angiem" — @kearalachelle
  • Restless Night
    "Are you scared of the dark? Are you scared of the boogeyman? Unfortunately, sleep here in this room and you won't be dreaming about Lollipops and rainbows, only dark thoughts and long lost screams. Super creepy bedroom by @angiem !!!" — @kearalachelle
  • Haunted Guest Bedroom
    "This haunted guest bedroom by @melissa-de-souza shows exactly why you should not be a guest in this house... death reeks in every corner, at every turn. You are never safe." — @kearalachelle
  • The Woman in White
    "This poor soul is lost. She died so suddenly, she isn't aware that she has passed on. What happened to her? Is that her in the portrait? Something tells me this Halloween will provide answers to this ghoulish girl! @vonshelman <333" — @kearalachelle
  • So What Do You Keep In YOUR Attic?
    "@indy has created a spooky but captivating scene in the attic, I wouldn't go up there if I were you, she might just cast a spell on you! and are those human skulls?" — @kearalachelle
  • Black Widow's Manor
    "Lifeless eyes and a touch cold as ice lives a family of vampires in this house, the house of the dead and undead. They create more souls here, sad souls that will never be able to escape ...mother vampire here makes sure of that @melissa-de-souza" — @kearalachelle
  • Den of the Beautiful Enchantress
    "@annmaira created a luxurious study, included with old dusty books, a plush fur throw, worn in leather couch and... a seductress that is ready to drain your blood the minute you walk in here!" — @kearalachelle
  • The Asylum - "I See Dead People"
    "Why are there bloody scratches on the wall? Who is that screaming? Why is there no door out of this room? Legend says is was used to put the most disturbed patients in, in a room they can never escape! @arjanadesign" — @kearalachelle
  • Haunted House Collaboration
    "The sounds of mysterious running water and dripping faucets have been know to run in this decaying and rusted bathroom by @cb-hula . what happened here? Who fell to a grisly fate here in this tub?" — @kearalachelle
  • I must look nice for the trick-or-treaters, this year. --- I always seem to scare them off, every year.
    "Isabel is a sad lonely girl who just cant understand why all the trick or treaters are frightened of her! She spends so much time on her hair, picks out the perfect bows, but alas, still the loudest screams... @kurious" — @kearalachelle
  • Basement Bedroom
    "@annmaira has created another den for this creature of the night, pulling victims off the streets and dragging them to this dark dungeon. Mrs Andersons house is ripe for the pickings tonight.. All Hallows Eve!" — @kearalachelle
  • Haunted Garden
    "Wandering souls of mothers still come to look for their children playing in the fields, laughing, singing and smiling. But unknown to them, they have already passed on to heaven, so they will continue to look in sadness forever. @annmaira" — @kearalachelle
  • Scary Night....
    "More haunted houses keep getting more and more recognition in this neighborhood, what stories does this house hold? @tbarnes63" — @kearalachelle
  • The Scary House
    "The whole street is full of haunted houses! This scary halloween house is Mrs Andersons, her house is a little more kid friendly than the one next door... @arjanadesign" — @kearalachelle
  • Behind the wall...
    "A fun Halloween Artset from @mollygrant !!!! Can you spot the lost wandering spirit???" — @kearalachelle


Wrote two years ago
Thank you @kearalachelle for including my "Wednesday" set to your haunting collection! :-)

Wrote two years ago
You are so welcome @mollygrant !!! Thanks for making such a cute set!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much @kearalachelle for including my set in this fun and scary collection! :-)

Wrote two years ago
hahahha!!!! Thanks so much @arjanadesign and @morana-m !!! The descriptions are totally fun to make up!!!

Wrote two years ago
The descriptions are amazingly good. This was so much fun, thanks.

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
thanks so much @kurious you made it easy because you had a story already attached :) @cb-hula thanks for giving me the idea for this whole thing! When we both just so happened to make a spooky set with the same title!

Wrote two years ago
I just love your descriptions of everyone's sets, especially mine! Hahah. Thanks!

Wrote two years ago
I'd love to!! :)

Wrote two years ago


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