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heeey everyyonee. listen to "JAR OF HEARTS<" BY CHRISTINA PERRI<3 RIGHT NOW!! it's is beautiful and amazing. you'll never forget it. her voice is so pure and GAH I LOVE HER!
it's Shaily btww haha(:
thank you SO MUCH to the girl who helped me fix up the design of the set(:
this tip is inspired by the title of the song.
* this tip is a quick one *
What you need:
- a jar
- red and/or pink paper
- a writing utensil (pen, pencil...)
Cut out a BUNCH of hearts
what you can write on these hearts:
write a highlight in your day, and maybe something not so great about your day, so it's like you're trapping the bad in there! 
write a quote, or a song you like, or a goal
anything, really :)
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