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@beautyybychloe this collection is for YOU, based on your answers to the style quiz! Hope you like it!! xx
Her style is girly, elegant, and chic! She can be seen wearing pink, floral, coral, heart shaped sunglasses, flower crowns, lace, and/or cardigans at all times. She's severely inspired by the characters Cat Valentine from Victorious and Blair Woldorf from Gossip Girl. Her makeup and nails always coordinate with her outfit and have a similar color scheme. She can be found with a cute clutch in one hand and a cotton candy frap from Starbuck's in the other. She is @beautyybychloe and she is PROUD! ;)

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Wrote one year ago
@beautyybychloe Yayy! I'm glad to hear it!! :)

Wrote one year ago
Thank you so much! This collection is perfect :) Exactly on point!

Wrote one year ago


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