Collection Of (You!!)

Okay! This contest is amazingly special because this set should express who YOU really are! You have to create a mosaic set that has items that represent you. (ex. Since I adore my Shih-tzu, Rocky, I'd add a shih-tzu to the set or if your addicted to color like me, add some color! Why not? Go crazy!) If you submit something that has nothing to do with you, then I <3 Shoes & I will REJECT it. The judging will be based on if we imagine you (by your items) in our minds. One day, 4 winners, & 2 entries per user! Good Luck, you'll need it! ~My contest motto
With love,
Steph (neo161616164)

Created by eclatpur. Created in Mosaic Sets!. 54 sets from 33 members. Ended 7 years ago.