hello lovelies! I am indeed alive and well and shopping. I've gotten quite a few things in my two months so far. let's begin:

red Converse brand blouse - Target - exact. not on sale (alas, the life of a college student) but so pretty. also got a basic black cami while in-store.

pants - forever21 - black but most likely the same cut. very basic, I just wanted skinny pants instead of the huger trousers we had bought elsewhere over the summer

striped top - forever21 - not exact. Mine has cap sleeves and is more of a cream with less noticeable stripes. it does have the ruffle but there are little hooks in the middle.

blue blazer - forever21 - exact. so many compliments.

boots - not exact. I'll explain in a minute.

I also did quite a bit of thrifting and have a pink-and-black dress, coral sleeveless top, pink-and-black floral skirt, and a tribal print bodycon skirt (that one was from five below). I also picked up some basic black tights.
Fashion Bug was going out of business, and usually it's not my kind of store, but they have fabulous deals. I got two of the same style boots in brown and black. I love them. I also got a loop18 black and green snakeskin type pattern shirt - very Slytherin-y (House pride!). we also got a black sweater with a kind of open knit. I was dying for this pretty red peacoat-style light jacket but both stores were out of my size. the burgundy blazer I originally went over to forever21 for also eluded my grasp.

needless to say without a job this semester most of the rest of my hauls are coming from thrift stores or home visit shopping trips with mom, lol.

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