it's college, and there's a boy in your psychology class who steals glances at you and is always too nervous for words. then he leaves a note on your desk, and it says something like, "meet me after class" and you know exactly who it is. this boy's name is harry and he always sees you in class and he likes you better without glasses than with them, and he invites you to a party at his frat house on friday. 
you go and then you go to another one, and he eventually becomes your grinding buddy ("that's a freaking ridiculous name," he tells you one day when you're hanging out in his room). he's there when you take your first shot and helps you get over your first hangover, and every now and again he helps you with your psychology homework ("i need an excuse to see you." "no, you don't.") you switch to contacts more often and your skirts get shorter and shorter, and you realize that although you're falling for a bad boy, you've never been any happier.

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