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Wrote two years ago
Yes I do know as I use the on Pinterest for the craft and deco boards and several other things but yes I find them to be the coolest thing. On some of the craft and DIY boards people are using them with the scrapbook punches for say a heart in all the same cards(or color scheme) and making greeting cards, hanging like a mobile or for scrapbooking. I bat the paint dept's are going to figure something out soon because for those reasons you know a lot are walking out the door . It surely is costing someone! But for us on PV great guides for putting together sets with fashion!! Thanks again and I noticed you looked at a couple of my sets so I will be talking to you again when I get back to that mode! Lol. ;))

Wrote two years ago
no problem, @sanlebru, I found these and thought they would be cool in color coded sets, so I made a group. then i made another. there are still many more out there I haven't gotten to yet, just search "design seeds" and they should come up!

Wrote two years ago
OMGosh, this is so cool. Thank you so much for compiling these all in one place and for sharing them with us. I'm on Pint. so I've been going back & forth and pulling from there when needed. <3 ;))


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