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my favorite white sets from other polyvore artists


Wrote three years ago
@juxtaposejane i'm so sorry that this is happening to you.... not just for your team but for your clients, also. *ten years is a long time and i'm sure you have all kinds of feelings welling up. :( honestly, this is a travesty... combined with the numbers of people who currently are without even basic & affordable healthcare, it's flat out depressing. anyway, i could go on & on, lol... but, i'll contain myself & just wish you good things through this time of transition and unknowns.

Wrote three years ago
@art2art thanks for the good thoughts...I think I am going to get the news I want, but then we begin dismantling our clinical team and there is much sadness in that. We have all worked together quite well for 10 years, and now we will be done, not by our choice, but because our service no longer is funded. It's very sad. Many low income people who have been able to get clinical services from us will have no where affordable to go.

Wrote three years ago
@juxtaposejane thanks again for the new addition... i love this collection. *sending good thoughts to you for this week!

Wrote three years ago
thank you! wow, it's beautiful to see all of these
.. it's such fun collection and i was happy to see you chose one of my sets.


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