Before the first breeze in the air, before planets even formed,
before the Universe was even there.
All was colorless, not even black....just vast emptiness, a world of nothing, not even a world.
Then came upon a tiny spark...that was light, a gleam, a shining, a hole in the blank emptiness, that went from nothing to the color black thanks to that light.
A black space, with a tiny bright light.
The tiny bright light became very bright against all that black, and so, there appeared a spirit, clothed in the universe as it unfolded.
With a swift movement of her hands , appeared a vial, swirling with colors, that was bathed in that wonderful light.
It was then, not a big bang as humans believe today, but the unleashing of colors that made it's way, through the empty space, swirling out lights and colors in a blend.
And finally a breeze of air began so the colors could soar in the air....and begin a beginning of vividness, the beginning of the wonderment of so many beautiful things.
The Color Maker Fantasy by Linda Caricofe
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