For the @meredithwendell @polyvore contest.

If I were to go on vacation, I'd want it to be when it's sunny! And I would wear colorful clothes and accessories.

Haha!! I finally got this, this layout was a struggle but I have finally figured something out! I hope you lovely people have been having a wonderful week and that your weekend is even better :)

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1. What is your eye color?
Dark brown, most ask if they are black -___-

2. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
Yep! I like Coke better, but I don't drink either, just water :)

3. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
Haha here is a funny story: I don't like ice cream! :/

4. Describe the outfit you wore yesterday.
Um....I wore jeans, a blue sweater rhinestone-like things up there with a white tank top underneath and keds shoes

5. Do you wear makeup?
No, I have never worn it. I'm not interested wearing it either

6. What's your favorite food?
Cheeseburgers, potato chips, pizza, meatballs, mac and cheese!!!!

7. What's your favorite song at the moment?
Hands Up People by Handsome People:

With all of the new music I have been listening to, I forgot about this group and album. It has been great listening to this again
1. Name: Ahhh, what's in a name O.o

2. Something that not many people know you own: 
A ketchup squeeze bottle, haha. I use it to wash my hair.
3. What you're eating/drinking right now: 
I have been drinking water

4. Favourite piece of jewellery or clothing: Jewelry - A multicolored blue necklace, clothing - olive ankle skinny jeans
5. Your current desktop background: An open field, it's so pretty!! Link:

6. Your favourite poster on your wall: I don't have any posters. I have a bible verse taped to the wall on a post-it note

7. Your favourite thing that you own: Laptop, because I can get on the Internet and make art!

8. Your favourite CD and/or DVD: Physical CD - SHINee's Hello (repackaged version), DVD - Hey Arnold Season 1

9. The last person you talked to: Sister

10. What do you think is your best facial feature: 
My eyes :)
11. Are you loud or quiet when you're mad?upset/etc:
I get very quiet
12. Who's the last person you hugged: My friend.

13. Favourite movie: Ratatouille, but I just watched Wreck it Ralph and it was really good too.
14. Three things you'd like to say to someone that you've been hiding: No thanks :D

15. Who is the last person you kissed: My mommy

16. Did you think of a certain person when asked #15? Yea, I thought of my mommy

17. You can have one of the follow two things, Love or Trust: Love

18. When was the last time you told someone honestly how you felt, regardless of how difficult it was: A few hours ago

19. Name the five main things you look for in a guy: 
1. Good Looks (shallow I know, but it's only initial, personality changes how he looks in my eyes)
2. Spiritual Background (someone that follows Christ)
3. Great sense of humor, and that he laughs at my jokes
4. A type of personality that allows us to get along well
5. Likes to workout....not that I am expecting a chiseled body but I would like someone who has fitness as a a part of their lifestyle

I wont tag anyone, but if you like tags let me know *___*

February 9th, 2013
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