• Classical Greek Key Wing Chair
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    As featured in NY Spaces Magazine! This sleek fluted vintage frame accentuates the Geometric Greek Key motif that dominates this chair. The Key pattern is a very dark chocolate brown. Almost black but not. With a nod to Classical Greek urns, the chair is accented with rich rust orange velvet  sides and piping as well as a plush tangerine orange ochre velvet seat. (see last 4 pics provided of ancient Greek urns and mosaic floor used as inspiration)The arm of the frame actually features the same Greek Key motif atop an urn shaped spindle!! A Handsome accent pillow has been especially made for added comfort and beauty. Frame has been painted a light off white cream.
  • Harlequin Juliet 3 seater sofa
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    Browse Furniture Village’s online store for inspired design, top quality and great value in sofas, sofa beds and chairs, all with a 5 year quality guarantee. Buy many items securely online and arrange express ‘white glove’ delivery and installation with our Premier Delivery Service.
  • FORNASETTI umbrella stand
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    Multicoloured umbrella stand from Fornasetti featuring a printed umbrella stand design at the front, with the umbrella storage section at the rear.
  • Traditional upholstered bench 2082 by Josef Frank Svenskt Tenn
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    Discover all the information about the product: Traditional upholstered bench 2082 by Josef Frank. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote and to find out where to buy.
  • Monkey Business - Key Pete
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    The key holder “Key Pete” fascinates with its playful appearance and surprises with its strength. Key Pete is a strong key holder by the Israeli design smithy Monkey Business. The small climber has magnets in its hands and can be placed on every metallic surface. Key Pete holds himself with one Hand on the wall and with the other one he holds the keys. Up to 20 keys can be carried by Pete. This does not only ensure tidiness and avoids the continuous and unnecessary search for the keys, but it is and interesting eye-catcher at the same time. The colourful and vivid design makes Key Pete ostentatious.
  • Haseform - Animal Wardrobe
    What have Elephant, caterpillar, octopus, cow, sausage dog and fish in common? Evident case: They are wardrobes! That has been ensured by the Company Haseform that has produced the most beautiful clothes storage furniture for children and young people modelling curved, lacquered steel for animal heads and bodies. The inclinational 3 to 99 years old one would say “cute”. The elephant makes trunk and tusks available for jackets and hats, the deer offers its ears and antler, while the octopus comes to nearly be predestined with its tentacles, for people with a lot of guests. There is a suitable wardrobe for everyone. More details: Material: Steel. Size: Approx. 20 Cm.
  • Magis - me too Magis - Paradise Tree Wardrobe
    With the wardrobe Paradise Tree the annoying hanging up of the jackets after school or the playing becomes an enjoyment for your children. Paradise brings the children playfully to clean up, but leaves them a creative free space, which they need to get their own personality. When children come home, from school or their friend's houses, the hanging-up of their jackets is mostly secondary. The jackets mostly land in the corner and scarf and hat lay on the floor. With the Paradise Tree the designer Oiva Toikka dealed with the demands and wishes of the children and presents now an object, which procures fun and tempts them to clean up. The wardrobe Paradise Tree is made of six different coloured elements. Every element has two arms, which offer room for jackets, pullover, gloves, scarves and hats. Because the arms are on every height of the wardrobe is good for every child of every age and can be used generation comprehensive. The design of Paradise Tree is playful. Contributed to that are the different colours of the wardrobe, but also the design of the hangers. Those do not have anything in common with the normal cold, and for kids boring wardrobes, but look like knobbly hands, leaves or other soft, and playful shapes. The amount of the hangers and the shapes offers the choice of a favourite handle. Also, the Paradise Tree can be used for playing and conveys the creative play.
  • Naef Toys Naef - Cella wooden toy
    The smallest unit in a cell or the most holy part of an antic temple – Cella symbolises this path. Peer Clahsen designed nine divisible shell elements that fit into each other and become chambers, rooms, flowers and leaves. There are no limits to creativity. For the start some example constructions are available that can easily be realised. But there are infinite possibilities for creating new worlds from the wood elements. Naef-Spiele designs and produces toys since 1957 from the best ideas and materials with the aim of developing the creativity of people. By doing this the Swiss meanwhile made an excellent name for themselves all over the world. Choose your favourite Cella for you and your kids from three colours and show off your design talent!
  • Villahermosa 2 Talavera Wall Planter
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    Our hand painted ceramic talavera wall planters offer the perfect accent to bring to live a living space.
  • Vitra - Cushion Maharam: Millerstripe multicolored bright
    The cushion Maharam Millerstripe multicolored bright was designed by Alexander Girard in t1973. The colourful cushion is timeless and it spreads the charm of the 1070es. The cushion itself consists of feathers and polyurethane. Many of the great architectures and designers of the 20th century occupied themselves with textile design, translating their idea of colours, forms and materials in it. The New Yorker design company Maharam reedited some of the most important furniture designs with a high quality in its colours and original in its weaving techniques. The sofa and seat cushions from the “Textiles of the 20th century” series from Vitra are the ideal supplement to the furniture from Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson and Verner Panton, also setting accents in contemporaneous and classic interiors.
  • Magis - me too Puppy Glow
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    Now it also glows! Plastic furniture is the special focus of the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. Aarnio designed the Pony Stool for Adelta in 1973 – a seating object that reminds of an oversized toy, just like the Tipi Stool. Magis produces this object out of the Eero Aarnio feather fort he house own children’s collection Me Too from Magis since 2005: Puppy – the abstract plastic dog. Puppy is an extremely decorative plastic object that does not only ensure a lot of fun in the children’s room but is also suitable for outdoor areas. The robust puppy is manufactured in a sophisticated rotatary moulding out of polyethylene. And because he has proven himself, now he calls attention in the darkness as a limited edition. The highlight at the Puppy Glow (as its name reveals): it glows! The secret lies in the fluorescent material that has been mixed together with the polyethylene. Comparable to stars that are often glued over children’s beds simulating the sleeping outside. And also Puppa Glow that appears in a limited edition makes the best figure in the darkness. Also the sizes: M (H: 45 cm, D: 34 cm, L: 56.5 cm, seat height: 30,5 cm), L (H: 55.5 cm, D: 42 cm, L: 69.5 cm, seat height: 37,5 cm) and XL (H: 81 cm, D: 61.5 cm, L: 102 cm, seat height: 55 cm) are available on demand.
  • Kartell - Bubble Club Couch
    Bubble Club, the couch of coloured polyethylene, is the first exponent of a new design concept: A totally made of plastic, "industrial couch". Technology and intensive research allowed Kartell as the first company to produce things whih were usually produced by hand in series in the category design. Bubble Club is a couch with a lot of space for tw persons, which is marked through soft lines of the armrests in comparison to the plain and rational lines of the backrests. Together with the armchair and the small table, which are available in the same versions and colours, forms Bubble Club by Kartell today a true product family, an "industrial couch furniture". Because of the eminent constancy against weather influences alll three elements of the product family Bubble Club can also be used in the outside.
  • Kartell - Bubble Club Armchair
    Bubble Club, the couch made of coloured polyethylene, is the first exponent of a new design concept: A totally made of plastic, "industrial coach". Technology and intensive research allows Kartell as first company to produce series which usually were produced by hand in the category design. Bubble Club is a couch with a lot of space for two persons, which is marked through soft lines of the armrests in coparison to the sober and rational lines of the backrest. Together with the armchair and the small table, which are available in the same versions and colours, Bubble Club by Kartell builds today a true productfamily, an "industrial couch furniture" Because of the brilliant constance against atmospheric influences all three elements of the product family Bubble Club can be used in the outside.
  • Qualy Design Qualy - Sparrow Key Holder
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    Key Ring, keyboard and whistle – the Sparrow Key Ring from Qualy is a practical company in the everyday life. The keys are fixed at the small bird’s key ring. Arrived home, the bird can be put inside of its house where also the key will be always handy. On the way out, simply take the sparrow out of its house and put it in your pocket. Furthermore you can use the bird as whistle and call attention in case of danger and need for help. The bird house can be mounted at the wall with a screw through a hole in its back. Qualy offers its Key Ring bird house in different colour combinations: The house will thereby be brown or white, while the bird appears in various colours.
  • Vitra - Marshmallow Sofa
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    The Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson can be considered as one of the first pop art designs of the furniture design. With the design of 1956 Nelson turned the traditional sofainto a three-dimensional report made of soft, colourful cushions. Every single cushion of seat and back rest lay symmetrical, like a waffle form, to the opposite to each other. It is supported by a simple steel structure. The, in the past, new system of the additive construction enables - not like usual sofas - a big colour, and form selection. But it had the consequence, that the production was really expensive because they were hand made. Besides that, because of its unusual design, the sofa did not fit into the contemporary interiors. For this reason, the production of the Marshmallow Sofa had to be closed in 1965. To the Marshmallow Sofa is also a extension element obtainable. Those come with six single cushions and can be put between two sofas, and it is expandable. Details to Vitra - Marshmallow Sofa Design: George Nelson. Material: 18 cushions in vinyl red, orange, green, purple and blue, frame: square tube, black. Measurements: 820 x 1313 x 805 mm.
  • Ultra-Flat Multicolor Wall Clock
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    Featuring a vibrant multicolor spectrum, this super-thin clock is made of plastic with a whisper-quiet movement. The Ultra-Flat Multicolor Wall Clock reflects the Museum's long history of documenting and displaying timepieces from the modern era, many examples of which are featured in the Museum’s collection. One LR1130 battery included.
  • Hepburn Patterned Accent Chair
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    dfs is passionate about sofas and we design them with the most important element in mind, YOU.
  • Zero - PXL Table Lamp
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    “As designer it is my goal to compose melodies that one wants to hear again and again without finding them boring”, says Fredrik Mattson, who designed the PXL lamp for the Scandinavian lamps manufacturer Zero. And this is sure: the danger not to meet the requirements does not persist at this colourful table illumination out of the year 2007. Even reviewers shall not call them boring. Like a vividly coloured globe, the PXL suits every home as an eye-catcher. The aluminium-steel-construction guarantees robust handling in the everyday use and wakes memories of Lego constructions from our childhood. Fredrik Mattson describes his work like this: “The traditional archetype of a lamp form was split and divided in rings. The result reminds of a 3D object in a low resolution with its characteristic thick pixels and edged contours”. Details to Zero - PXL Table Lamp Design: Fredrik Mattson. Illuminant: 60W/E27. Material: lacquered aluminium and steel. Size: diameter: 32 cm H 49,5 cm, Supply: 2,5 metres cable with plug.
  • Luceplan - Blow Ceiling Lamp / Ventilator
    Blow is an illuminating ceiling fan by Luceplan. The light illuminates on top of the rotary sheets and bows elegantly through the transparent wings out of Methacrylate. The Blow design was coined by Ferdi Giardini out of the year 1997. The sheets of the fan can be mounted without complications as well as changed, without damaging the technique of the device. The rotation of the sheets can furthermore be conversed by a button press. The exceptional noiseless motor from Blow (only 32 DB) is placed besides the illuminant in the polycarbonate housing. Blow is delivered with one single halogen illuminant with a common E27 socket. The light of the lamp is furthermore dimmable. There is an infrared remote control available separately to adjust the light and the fan. The rotary sheets from Blow are available in different colours and as screen printed variant.
  • Kvadrat - Clouds
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    Clouds is a colourful, innovative and individual interior design element for your home. The internationally renowned designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec made an innovative concept for your house with Kvadrat: Clouds, an interlocking system made of textile modules. Clouds can be mounted at the wall or ceiling. Clouds evolves an unusual, three-dimensional effect and develops itself with every element. The inviting irregular surface encourages owning art works and realizes visions. Because Cloud"s attractiveness depends on personal appearance. The modules are made of single elements and are connected with elastic bands. If it is about constructing a simple design or a complex, decorative room divider or separating wall - work is done really easy, fast and uncomplicated. The modules can be connected in a simple way to an individual style and they bring new ideas in every home, being versatile every time. It was the work on the North Tiles, also a corporate work with Kvadrat, which inspired the two French designer for the concept Clouds - a simpler version than North Tiles for the private use. „When I look into a design- or architecture magazine every now and then, I'm getting a shock about all the cold rooms- , says Ronan Bouroullec. He explains: -When we got the order of Kvadrat, we wanted to create a design solution, which was soft and inviting. And our goal was to find a solution, which was so simple and through, that it didn't need any expensive craftsmen, but could be mounted by normal people without polishing, adjusted, or further treatments”. Anders Byriel, Kvadrats manager, believes that soft fabrics come back in public houses and private households: „Over years the tendency was to use less fabrics. Curtains are gone just like carpets, and our chairs have braided seats and backrests, and every accessory is made of glass, concrete, stone or wood, which might be nice, but hard as well. But the development changed. More and more human find out, that the soft material doesn't just feel soft, it is also an aesthetic beauty and has a big effect on the acoustic in our rooms. In the last years it became clear, how important acoustic level is for our daily well-being- , explains Anders Byriel. Each element of Clouds has two colours. Front- and backside are in one of both chosen colours. More details:. 1 Cloud has approx. 0.09 m2. 1 Box with 8 Clouds makes up an area of about 0.65 m2. Approx. 12-15 pcs. are needed for 1m2. Approx. 3 elastic bands are needed for 1 piece.
  • Velvet Love Tub
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    Special Offer - 20% Off all Velvet Love Tubs. Simply add this item to your basket for the discount to be activated. Hurry, stock is limited. Gorgeous, luxurious, sumptuous. The Velvet Chair Company has designed another irresistible statement piece, the 2-seater armchair 'Love Tub' in a selection of nine fabulous colours ranging from sophisticated neutrals to eye-popping brights. The 'Love Tubs' are proudly made for 'The Velvet Chair Company' in Beeston, Nottinghamshire by upholsterers who personally sign each one. They use traditional construction techniques that have stood the test of time, which is why we are confident enough to give a 20 year guarantee with each double tub chair frame. To finish the chairs we use high quality Cotton Pile Velvet from Holland, a historical centre of velvet milling in Europe. One reassuring feature of our velvet is that durability is double that recommended for domestic use. 20,000 rubs is standard – ours is 40,000 rubs, making our velvet loveseats even more luxurious. We hope each loveseat sofa will be enjoyed for generations to come. Frame guaranteed for 20 Years. Beech wood frame and legs. Specialist Dry Cleaning recommended. Dimensions: H73.5cm x W90cm x D70cm. Legs height: 25.5cm. Seat depth: 50cm. Seat height: 44cm. Important: Cotton velvet pile is sensitive to pressure. Any marks left after scuffing or compression will come out given time, but this process can be helped along by lightly steaming the affected area. NEVER use water to try to clean velvet - a lightly damp cloth may help with stains, but water is a no-no with cotton velvet. For best results use a reputable specialist dry cleaning service.
  • Taylor Bud Vase Bearded Iris
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    MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Bud Vase - Bearded Iris
  • Serena & Lily Swazi Fabric & Grass Vase - Lime
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    These woven vessels are made by hand from all recycled fabrics and local Lutindzi wild mountain grass from the hillsides of rural Swaziland. Fabric and mountain grass are wrapped around strong local reeds called Lukhasi, which give the items their strength and structure. The artisans who make these are provided with a sustainable alternative income source, but only work on this initiative part time - this allows them to maintain their traditional way of life as well. Proceeds from these products allow this collective to jumpstart initiatives for the community - such as the recent installation of borehole wells which will give thousands of people access to clean water for the first time ever. We loved the simple, textural nature of these shapes. Swaziland These range in size; each one is approximately 15"-16" tall. New. For ten days, we traveled throughout Kenya, Swaziland, South Africa and Zanzibar, looking for treasures for Bazaar and inspiration for our own designs. This piece is one of the things we just had to bring home.
  • Cornflower Ruffle Large Hand-Blown Glass Cylinder
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    Brighten your living space with the fun and colorful design of this hand-blown glass cylinder. The design is simple, yet chic with hand-painted glossy layers of color. The brim is slightly ruffled for an elegant accent. Due to the hand-crafted nature of this cylinder, each individual piece may vary slightly in size, weight, pattern and color. Large hand-blown glass cylinder. Recycled glass construction. Hand-painted. Uses a 6-12 step finishing process. 17" high. 10" wide. 10" deep. Custom made to order. Please note: no returns, cancellations, or exchanges.
  • Sectional Sofas - page 8
    More info Sectional Sofas design ideas and photos. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. Over 400,000 inspiring photos and articles from top designers around the world - page 8.
  • White Flowers/Blue Vase Pillow
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    Original hand-painted designs by Dutch artist Mariska Meijers are digitally printed onto these floral pillow covers. Front panel, satin silk; back panel, Irish linen. Feather/down inserts. Double lining with invisible zip. Easy take in/out pillow insert. Dry clean. White flowers/vase pillow on orange background, 15.75"Sq.; insert, 18"Sq. White flowers/orange vase on fuchsia background pillow and white flowers/blue vase on purple background pillow, 19.75"Sq.; insert, 22"Sq. White flowers/pink vase on green background pillow, 19.5" x 23.5"; insert, 22" x 25". Imported.
  • Ken Hanson and Ingrid Hanson Mango Vines Pouch Art Glass Vase
    Like a rainbow-colored bouquet, handmade murrini flowers blossom across the branches of a flowing tree motif. The iridescent surface lends a subtle sheen to the bright colors of this dazzling hand blown glass vessel. Each is unique; size and pattern may vary.
  • Random rug 170x240 cm
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    Random is the perfect rug to have in the kids room because of its playful and lovley pattern!...
  • Nani Marquina Calder Rug
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    Designer: Nani Marquina. The Calder Rug with its unique shape and fun color is the perfect addition to your home! The Calder rug is inspired by the famous hanging mobiles of American sculptor Alexander Calder. These irregular wool rugs are created to live amongst each other, forming attractive combinations.There are three models and each can be found in two colors, making it possible to have dynamic unions that alternate warm and cold tones. A tribute to the pioneer of kinetic art, conveying the essence of movement on the floor. Cleaning: All wool rugs may be vacuumed on a regular basis. Professional steam clean as necessary. Try to clean stains immediately before drying and do not use any harsh chemicals. Test any cleaning products in an inconspicuous place first. No dry-cleaning. Materials: Handmade, hand tufted, 100% New Zealand wool. Options and Colors: Dimensions: Calder1 3.1' x 4.1' Calder2 3' x 3.9' Calder3 3' x 4.3'
  • 2-3 Seat Daybed MONOI
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    The Monoi sofa bed can be a 2 seater daybed or a guest bed, as needed. You will love the colour and comfort of this fantastic daybed.
  • 3D Room Design with Wall Murals, Artwork, Windows, Doors & More!
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    Wall Murals - see how to create faux room views with a huge variety of wall murals and appliques
  • Indulge in a glamorous bedroom
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    See our gorgeous room sets from the 2012 Ideal Home Show, packed with decorating ideas, the latest wallpaper, great furniture trends and practical storage solutions
  • Room Essentials Chevron Sham - White
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    details. This lively pillow sham is part of the Chevron bedding collection from Room Essentials®. Designed to fit a standard bed pillow, this white sham features chevron stripes in grey, teal and yellow. Great for a teen's room or dorm room, it is machine washable for easy care. Thread Count: 180. Decorative Accents: Quilt Stitch. Fiber Content: 100 % Polyester. Dimensions: 26.0 " L x 20.0 " W. Care and Cleaning: Machine wash, warm, Tumble dry, normal, low heat. other Info. Online Item #: 13956915. Store Item Number (DPCI): 060-13-0278. Item can be gift wrapped. Imported.
  • Ganesha Tapestry
    An eye-catching tapestry crafted from soft cotton in bright, bold colors, with detailed fringe at the ends. The deity Ganesha is emblazoned against a serene background. This is the perfect tapestry to top your bed, wall, couch, or favorite chair. Since it’s lighter than a quilt and heavier than a sheet, it doubles as a beach, picnic, or festival blanket!
  • Room Essentials® Chevron Bed Set - Multi Chevron - Twin Extra Long
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    Thread Count: 180. Fits Mattresses: Up to 15" Deep. Pillowcase Features: 2" Self-Flange. Number of Pieces: 5. Includes: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Sham included in Twin/Twin XL set, Comforter, 1 Pillowcase included in Twin/Twin XL set. Fiber Content: 100 % Polyester. Fill Material: 100 % Polyester. Weave Type: Brushed. Decorative Accents: Quilt Stitch. Fabric Treatment: Brushed, Peached. Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash Warm Normal, Use Front Load Commercial Washer and Dryer, Only Non-Chlorine Bleach, Tumble Dry Low, Remove Promptly. Dimensions: 92.0 " L x 63.0 " W.
  • Abigail Settee
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    Natural finish. Webbed seat construction. Wool upholstery. Kiln-dried hardwood frame; cotton-poly fill. Professionally clean. 29"H, 60"W, 26"D. Seat: 16"H. Imported.
  • Oasis Apartment Sofa
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    A modern lounge sofa so relaxed, it feels like you're sinking into a cloud. Sheltering box frame with super-narrow padded arms and super-fluffy seat and back cushions is fitted in a 100% linen slipcover tailored fresh with a fashionable flanged edge and casual drape at the floor. Additional slipcovers available below and through stores featuring our Furniture Collection. After you place your order, we will send a fabric swatch via next day air for your final approval. We will contact you to verify both your receipt and approval of the fabric swatch before finalizing your order. -Eco-friendly construction -Certified sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood frame -Seat cushions are soy-based foam wrapped in a 50/50 mix of feather-down blend and fiber, encased in downproof ticking -Sinuous spring suspension -Slipcovered in 100% linen -Back cushions are feather-down blend with fiber blend encased in downproof ticking -Removable slipcovers are machine washable; dry cleaning recommended -Benchmade -See additional frame options below -Made in North Carolina, USA
  • Stray Dog Designs Funky Faux Bois Mirror
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    This twiggy papier mache mirror makes a gorgeous, functional piece of art. Handmade by Mexican artisans from recycled materials. Available in an array of striking colors plus white, all in low VOC paints.
  • Pier 1 Imports Oversized Jacquard Check Pillow
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    Have you heard the saying “go big or go home”? We reinterpreted it as “go big and go home” with our Oversized Jacquard Check Pillow. If a little bit of modern floral is good, then an oversized bit of modern floral is great for giving your home a big impact. Natural/multicolor. 24"W x 24"H. Cover: Polyester, rayon. Spot clean only. Filling: Polyester.
  • Two Teal Olive Green Gold White Aqua Paisley Pillow Covers Decorative Toss Throw Accent Pillow Covers 16 inch
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    Two teal, olive green, gold, white, aqua paisley pillow covers. Decorative toss, throw, accent pillow covers. Quality cream twill backs with generously-overlapped envelope closure. Cotton. A cuddly woven fabric. THIS “LISTING” IS FOR ONE PAIR! FAQ’s HAVE A QUESTION? YOUR ANSWER IS PROBABLY HERE:
  • Bathrooms by Gemelli Design
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    Two unique and inspiring bathroom designs.
  • Iccio By Pulipel Miniature Armchair
    Blue leather miniature armchair from Iccio Pulipel featuring a moulded round shape and a chrome swivel base. The chair is 15 cm high.
  • Atomic Yellow Art Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Completely customizable Atomic Yellow Art Pillow created by teachergurrl. Customize this design with your own text and pictures or order as shown. Available in 2 sizes.
  • Atomic Yellow Art Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Completely customizable Atomic Yellow Art Pillow created by teachergurrl. Customize this design with your own text and pictures or order as shown. Available in 2 sizes.
  • Yellow Coral Pillow Cover, Decorative Throw Pillow Cover 18 x 18, White Coral on Yellow Linen Pillow, Accent Pillow Yellow, Couch Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Bright, fresh and modern pillow cover which made from yellow linen and embroidered with white coral. The pillow measures 18" x 18" with hidden zipper at the bottom side. This listing is for pillow cover only without insert/filler. This pillow cover is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to 2 WEEKS from the time you place your order for production of your pillow covers. Your pillow covers are ready to ship to you after that time. Please read Shop Announcement and Policies carefully before placing order.
  • Autumn Abstract Orange Throw Pillows, Textured Geometric, Orange Rust Gold, Fall Accent Cushion Covers, Oblong Lumbar 13x17
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Contemporary luxury, abstract orange pillow made with a textured chenille Kravet fabric. Add a splash of color to your earthy toned neutrals. Same fabric front and back and bottom zipper too. Pictured above is a 16x16 but you will receive a 13x17. This heavy weight fabric is a high end "For the Trade Only" by Kravet... a type of fabric you see in the home decor magazines. 1 pillow cover here, slightly smaller than the recommended 13x17 inch pillow insert (not included). 18x18 inch pillow covers like this available here
  • Blissliving Home Nirvana Grand Pillow in Coral
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    FREE SHIPPING! Shop AllModern for your Nirvana Grand Pillow in Coral. Features: . Pillow .Color: Coral .Material: Cotton sateen and embroidered .Luxurious body pillow .
  • Hydrangea Pillow in White Linen and Light Yellow Bloom
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    Looking for a great pillow to accent your couch? This beautiful pillow will do the trick! :) White linen background with a big light yellow wool felt bloom. Gorgeous!! Pillow measures approx. 14x14 inches and comes stuffed with clump free cluster stuffing. Thanks so much for looking!
  • Yellow Gotcha Pillow Cover 16" x 16" Hidden Zipper Closure
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    > One Pillow cover is included > Designed to Fit a 16 x 16 Pillow Form > Pillow Form not included > Placement of Print varies on each cover Features: > Print is featured on the Front & Back > Hidden Zipper Closure along the bottom with High Quality White YKK Zipper & Quad Stitching > Finished Seams for High Quality & Durability Want to **MONOGRAM** your Cover? You can here:
  • Chevron 18x18 Pillow, Orange
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    Spectacular home decor, gifts, kitchenware, and vintage finds, handpicked from top tastemakers and brands, up to 70% off. New sales every day.
  • Chevron 16x16 Cotton Pillow, Green/White
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    This green and white chevron fabric is a bold, modern way to add graphic interest to your array of throw pillows. The back is a solid white cotton with envelope insert closure. Kimoley is a maker of modern designer pillows, each created by hand in the USA. With great attention to pattern alignment and use of bold colors and prints, these pillows make dynamic additions to any room.
  • One Kings Lane Mix in Some Modern Watercolor 20x20 Pillow, Multi
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    One Kings Lane is an online marketplace that brings shoppers exceptional value on a spectacular collection of top-brand, designer, and vintage items for the home.
  • Pier One Embroidered Flower Pillow
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    A comfy piece of artwork to rest your head on, this Embroidered Flower Pillow is a festoon of color and design. Color: Multicolor. Size: 18"W x 18"H.
  • Wallcandy - French Bull Multi Dot Mini Temporary Wallpaper
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    Transform your wall into a true pièce de résistance with this delightfully dotty peel and stick wallpaper! Featuring a French Bull design, this temporary wallpaper is the perfect choice for adding an artistic accent wall to your studio or recreating a colorful playroom. The wallpaper is removable and reusable and can be cut to fit nonstandard spaces. WallCandy wallpaper is proudly made in the USA of high-quality materials which are non-toxic, free of BPA and phthalates, and contain no VOCs. Each 26" x 94" roll looks like traditional wallpaper, only better! To change it up, simply peel it off and re-position or switch patterns. Kits are available in your choice of a full or half kit. Half Kits include 2 rolls wallpaper (totaling 5.22 yards in length) and full kits include 4 rolls wallpaper (totaling 10.44 yards in length). A squeegee hand tool is included with purchase.
  • Pier One Multi-Color Bangle 3x3 Frame
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    What happens when a rainbow explodes? We're betting it looks something like this crazy-colorful frame. So vibrant, it can make even your worst, most out-of-focus photos look like sunshine on a cloudy day. Just think of what it can do for your best ones. Multicolored. 8.50"W x 1.25"D x 8.50"H. Holds a 3 x 3" photo. Engineered wood, glass, metal. Handcrafted. Exclusively Pier 1 Imports.
  • Wake Up Frankie Organza Window Panels (Pair) click for more colors!
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    Organza Window Panels (Pair) - click for more colors! - Pair measures 88
  • Pier One Bright Bling Pillow
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    Stripes, ribbons, beads, sequins, texture and shine. Just a few words to describe all the bling that this little pillow can bring to your home. Can your couch handle it? Multicolor. 18"W x 10"H. Polyester. Spot clean only.
  • Pier One Beaded Butterfly Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Not just sewn or embroidered, but a fancifully beaded butterfly practically bursts from this glittering red pillow. In a style unique to India, at once whimsical and sophisticated, this pillow will link many eclectic items in your décor. Comfortably. Red/multicolor. 17"W x 17"H. Polyester with polyester fiber fill. Spot clean only.
  • Pier One Ruffled Waves Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    For all you playful ruffle lovers, we’ve just upped the fun: Waves. Wave after wave. Wave upon wave. Waves of shiny happiness that will brighten up a neutral sofa by itself or grouped with coordinating, solid pillows. Of course, there's another side to all this waviness: Solid green on reverse side; an inseam zipper to keep things neat. Will you wave hello? Multicolor. 18"W x 18"H. Polyester.
  • Pier One Textured Chevron Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Strong embroidered lines form a chevron pattern on this muted multicolor pillow. Crafted in India, it can add an unexpected hit of color, pattern and texture to an unassuming chair. Green/multicolor. 19"W x 12"H. Polyester. Spot clean only.
  • Pier One Beaded Medallion Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    One pillow, so many details: Beadwork, ric rac, embroidery and more beadwork, all neatly framed by ribbon flange. A silky solid panel on back, in rich cocoa, hides a tailored zipper closure. Brown/multicolor. 20"W x 13"H. Polyester. Spot clean only.
  • Pier 1 Imports Multi Ribbon Pillow
    This multi-tasking pillow couldn’t be more versatile. Its go-with-anything appeal lies in the myriad shades of ribbon that adorn the front. Backed by solid blue, and sealed with a hidden zip, you can consider it a decorative gift we designed exclusively for you. Details & Dimensions: Multicolor. 18"W x 18"H. Cover: Polyester. Filling: Feathers. Spot clean only.
  • Pier One Global Embroidered Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    In ancient cultures, embroidery was considered to be a bit hoity-toity. Wealth and status and all that. The good news is that now, any of us can enjoy its elaborate beauty (sans hoity-toity) with this bright pillow. It brings global interest and texture to a room in an instant. We’d call that wealthy in style. Turquoise/multicolor. 21"W x 14"H. In-seam zipper close. Spot clean only. Polyester.
  • Pier 1 Imports Embroidered Flowers Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This fresh bouquet has 3-D embellishments and is practically bursting with cheerful appeal. Our embroidered flange pillow is all set to make a splash wherever you decide to toss it. Thankfully, these blooms are quite hardy. Spot clean only. 18"W x 18"H. Multicolor. Polyester.
  • Floral Applique Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Floral Applique Pillow Pier1 Imports
  • Pier One Beaded Medallion Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    One pillow, so many details: Beadwork, ric rac, embroidery and more beadwork, all neatly framed by ribbon flange. A silky solid panel on back, in rich cocoa, hides a tailored zipper closure. Brown/multicolor. 20"W x 13"H. Polyester. Spot clean only.
  • Pier One Embroidered Bolster Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Covered in embroidered flowers and accented with gathered edges and flower button details, this zipped-back pillow is ready to bring a global vibe to the room. A very comfortable global vibe. Multicolor. 6" Dia x 19"L. Polyester. Spot clean only.
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Stamps small rectangle tray in white from Asiat. This small ceramic tray features allover international stamps print. Measures 6.5" x 5".
  • Trina Turk® Trellis Boudoir Pillow - Coral
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This boudoir pillow by Trina Turk features a delightful multi-color embroidered pattern that has a fun "psychedelic" feel to it, creating a beautiful coordinate to the Trellis bedding. 100% cotton shell with 100% rayon embroidery and 100% down fill. Measures 12" L x 20" W. Dry clean. Imported.
  • Mediterranee Antiques Two Fish Hand-Embroidered Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Handmade and hand-embroidered pillow of two fish. The technique is reverse appliqué in which several layers of cotton are sewn together and the design is formed by cutting away parts of each layer to reveal the different colors beneath. Polyfil insert included.
  • Spiral Mosaic Rug
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Crafted of hypoallergenic wool-like synthetic fiber, the Spiral Mosaic area rug will provide unique style and peace of mind for you and your active family. Detailed and durab
  • Floral 20x20 Cotton Pillow, Multi
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The summery brights of this gorgeous floral motif add a vibrant touch to your home all year long. It is with a passion for making any environment look happy, fresh, and inviting that Anna Kasper, co-founder of Anna's Fabulous Things, creates her handmade home and party decor. With a shared love of fabrics and artisan papers, Anna and her mother founded Anna's Fabulous Things in 2010; their growing line of products continues to gain fans around the country.
  • Daisy Petit wallpaper box
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Petite box with multi wallpaper and tie-string closure by Danish brand Daisy. Use the cute little box to store anything from jewellery to collectibles. The perfect gift for a little girl you love! Colours: Multi. Details: Coloured tie-string, multi wallpaper.
  • Bluecicles - Glass Coat
    This eclectic, abstract giclee by Liz Jardine uses many shades of blue with hints of browns and greens to make the viewer feel caught in a cerulean ice storm. Bluecicles features a high resolution image printed directly on canvas with an epoxy, glass coat finish. The epoxy, resin based finish that is applied to the image is a multi-step process that is hand poured and renders a durable and protective polished glass coated finish. This creates a greater level of depth and dimension to the piece. The finish also serves as a sealer, which is moisture resistant, protects from warping or sagging, and ensures the lasting original beauty of the artwork.
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Old scotch tray from Asiat. This ceramic tray features multi colored plaid checkers with a textured semi-gloss finish. Measures 7.5" x 6.5".
  • Gila Shams
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Our hothouse quilts are a labor of love - after all, each one takes takes 72 hours, 60 hands, 13 different processes and countless colors to create. Case in point: this leafy patchwork blend of brights and textural details. Part of our Hothouse Quilt collection. Cotton. Dry clean. Set of two. Envelope closure. Standard: 20" x 26" King: 20" x 36" Imported.
  • Laguna B Glass Goto Set
    SOLD OUT: More info
    " Glass jug with multi-colored Murano glass accents. Made in Italy. "
  • Cockatoo Shams
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Linen. Machine wash. Set of two. Envelope closure. Standard: 20" x 26" King: 20" x 36" Imported. King shams are available online only and not available in stores.
  • Cockatoo Shams
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Linen. Machine wash. Set of two. Envelope closure. Standard: 20" x 26" King: 20" x 36" Imported. King shams are available online only and not available in stores.
  • Lille Euro Sham
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Part of our Hothouse Quilt collection. Cotton. Dry clean. Imported.
  • Lush Landscape Euro Sham
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Sold individually. Cotton. Dry clean. Envelope closure. 26" square. Imported.
  • Floral Dot Scarf Duvet Cover
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Woven cotton duvet cover with a bright scarf pattern Buttoned opening at the bottom Duvet insert sold separately Full/Queen: 86"l, 86"w. Content & Care: 100% cotton Machine wash Imported.
  • Plum & Bow Painted Hills Duvet Cover
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Lay your head down amidst a lovely landscape of rolling hills and flowers. Comfy cotton duvet cover topped with a vibrant, countryside graphic. Full/Queen: 86"l, 86"w. Twin XL: 90"l, 66"w.
  • Watercolor Medallion Duvet Cover
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Comfy duvet cover crafted from soft cotton. Topped with a vibrant floral motif. Brightens up any sleeping space. A fun, functional design piece. Duvet not included. Full/Queen: 86"l, 86"h. Twin XL: 66"l, 90"h. Content & Care: 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported.
  • Magical Thinking Bracelet Stripe Duvet Cover
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Classic cotton duvet cover from Magical Thinking. Finished with an eclectic geometric print. Full/Queen: 86"l, 86"h. Twin XL: 66"l, 90"h. UO Exclusive. Content & Care: 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported.
  • Pendleton Moon & Stars Blanket
    SOLD OUT: More info
    An exclusive collaboration between UO and Pendleton. Created at Pendleton's century-old woolen mills in Portland, OR. This cozy blanket boasts deluxe virgin wool and cotton construction. Unnapped, whipstitch binding. 80"l, 64"w. UO Exclusive. Content & Care: Wool, cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.
  • Pendleton Pink Marble Blanket
    SOLD OUT: More info
    An exclusive collaboration between UO and Pendleton. Created at Pendleton's century-old woolen mills in Portland, OR. This cozy blanket boasts deluxe virgin wool and cotton construction. Unnapped, whipstitch binding. 80"l, 64"w. UO Exclusive. Content & Care: Wool, cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.
  • Serape Striped Blanket
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Cozy throw blanket made in Mexico. Bright and colorful in a soft weave. Perfect for topping a bed, couch, or yourself on a chilly night. 80"l, 60"w.
  • Batik Galaxy Tapestry
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Print, print, print, all over! This woven tapestry is crafted from cotton, in a single-layer construction. It is topped with an intricate, multi-colored batik print; perfect for topping any bed, couch, wall or chair. Since it’s lighter than a quilt, but heavier than a sheet, it makes a great beach or picnic blanket, too! This festival friendly tapestry is finished off with hemmed edges, so that it’ll last you for years to come!
  • Graham & Brown Soma Basso & Brooke Collection
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This Multi-colored pattern consists of a collection of geometric vivid pastel colored shapes. Neatly joined together, the shapes create a varied and complex abstract pattern. Dimensions: 33' X 20 1/2" Design match:Straight.
  • Flower Stalks Wall Art
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Collage wall art featuring multi-colored flowers and leaves.
  • Blissliving Home Shangri-La Shower Curtain
    SOLD OUT: More info
    How to make a splash in a Utopian sanctuary. Our multi-colored medallion motif adorned with coral embroidery of a bird and bee frolicking among flowers would turn Eve green with envy. A perfect match to the colorful face of our Shangri-La duvet set, and a resplendent addition to the bathroom. 300 thread count cotton sateen. twelve buttonholes. 100% cotton machine wash. 72 x 72" liner not included
  • Linon Recycled Magazine Mirror
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Intricately pieced recycled magazine with golden thread mirror glows with warmth, beautifully handcrafted with clean crisp lines will enhance any room in your place, it is truly a piece of art Mirror framed in recycled magazines; 17-1/4 inches in diameter Design uses strips of magazine to create a broad, flat border Intricately pieced together with golden thread; durable, attractive result Multi-colored palette is stylish and versatile for use with almost any background Crafted by hand; available in rectangle, round, and square versions
  • Thomas Paul Oology Multi Reversible Linen Pillow
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Packed with charm, Thomas Paul's collection of throw pillows adds eclectic style to a sofa, chair or bed. The double-sided Oology pillow delights with an illustrated trio of bird nests backed by a graphic, multi-colored print of assorted eggs. 12" x 20" 100% linen. Includes feather insert. Aqua piping trim. Hand screened.
  • Orange inspired interiors
    SOLD OUT: More info Unleash your inner interior designer with our room planning tools, and find the perfect furniture, homeware and accessories for your home from 1000s of UK shops, all in one place.

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