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I was tagged by @ap-lever

Year You Were Born: 1981
Age: 31
Grade: Graduated
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Color: Blurple
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Zodiac: I don't do horoscope stuff
Celebrity Crush: None - I'm happily married to my crush! <3
Favorite Movie: Love Comes Softly (series) and many others
Favorite Book: Holy Bible 
Favorite Song: I've yet to see someone pick just ONE song! LOL :-D
I'm Wearing: T-shirt and Jeans
I Live in: USA
Any Piercings?: Just my ears
Favorite Sport: Basketball
About How Many Kids are in Your School?: Not in school... YAY!! :oD
Grade? None. Graduated.
Do You Have a Locker Yet? No; too old for a locker... LOL
What Color? N/A
Is it decorated?: N/A
Favorite Subject: When I was in school, it was Art.
Favorite Teacher: N/A
Least Favorite Teacher: N/A
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Fictional Character: Curious George... Hahaha, I dunno. :-)
Twilight or Hunger Games?: Neither. They both are too dark and go against my Christian beliefs. 
Guys with Dark or Light Hair?: Dark - hubby has dark hair. <3
Do You Have Nail Polish On?: Always... seeing how I used to be a Nail Tech. Right now, I am wearing a French mani! :-)
Favorite Cookie: Peanut Butter... all the way baby! xD
TV or Internet?: Internet
MTV or Disney Channel: Neither.
Big Bang Theory or Teen Mom: Neither. Eww...
Heels or Converse?: Heels for the look, Converse for the comfort. 
DC or Osiris?: Huh?
Do You Wear Makeup?: Everyday... Concealer, powder, blush, eyebrow powder/pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick or clear gloss, mascara... so yeah! Hehe!!

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