Colorful Interiors by cmb51

cmb51 has painstakingly made collections of the work of many of our interior design artists and now it is only fitting that we return the honor for this very talented lady.


Wrote two years ago
Your sets are beautiful...perfection!

Wrote two years ago
The most amazing collection of interiors ever..I feel like a kid in a candy store, I do not know which I like best....hey Polyvore, I need a best of show ribbon here.

Wrote three years ago
Lovely collection! What's not to like?

Wrote three years ago
@cmb51 you do not give yourself enough credit....where credit is due! You, like many (if not all of us) including myself, may have taken a little time to get into the groove of Polyvore, but you most definitely deserve to have a collection like this!! I think your sets are stunning! You should be very proud of yourself!! :)

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much to @angiem and @indy !
This sets are only a way to express my creativity - aren't a big deal...
But it's a honor to receive so kind comments from such a talented ladies!
Hugs to all and a nice week end!

Wrote three years ago
So many gorgeous sets. It's so easy to forget a set with so many new ones coming in each day. I'm so happy to get to relive this. Fabulous set Sandy. @cmb51 deserves it!

Wrote three years ago
Beautiful collection!!!

Wrote three years ago
Oh, @indy! This is lovely, sweet of you!
I think my sets don't deserve the honor of collection - all of them are simply scribbles.
But Polyvore gave me a chance to express my creativity, stifled by 26 years of arid work (I'm a retired attorney of São Paulo County ). I always loved to draw, but never before had time and opportunity.
Thanks a lot, @indy!


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