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Colors & Dolls
Moderated by lucygray and mycau.
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Welcome to Colors & Dolls! This group will be for DOLLS SETS ONLY. Contests every week!! I will propose a contest with different color combinations. Sometimes, I'll add a little twist to it, but mostly, there will be no specific themes but COLORS. Please invite your friends. All dollmakers are welcome in this group! Feel free to message me with any ideas that you might have, I'm always open to feedback and suggestions! Let the fun begin! =)
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Official Rules:
*BE ORIGINAL. Copies of other people's set will not be tolerated. If you are using someone's idea to make a set, please make sure you credit them in your description for their work.
*Any members caught copying other people's set will be banned from the group instantly.
*Please take note that any fashions sets will be rejected, there are much better group for these kind of sets.
*No offensive sets will be tolerated.
As for myself, I promise that I will always be impartial when picking the winners. Take note that I will always make sure that the same people doesn't win all the time. Please keep that in mind when you think you should have won. Thank you for your understanding!
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