Thursday: Free day, Spanish-themed dinner at the Marina Pool.

I'm on Skype, webcamming with Carrie.
"What did you do today?" Her dark brown eyes gleam at me, excitedly.
"We went to visit my grandparents and spent most of the day with them. And just now, we had a wonderful Spanish-themed dinner." I beam.
"We meaning you and Ben right?" Carrie winks at me.
"Yeah, Ben and I visited my grandparents. But I had dinner with a couple of my friends." 
"I still haven't see a photo of him!!" Carrie pouts.
"Ok, I'll send you one now!" I search through the album marked 'Cruise!' on my laptop, find a good picture and paste it in the conversation.
"OMG. Dreamy." 
"I know right." I laugh.
"So are you two dating or not?" Carrie queries.
"I don't know. We're hanging out." I answer.
"Hanging out like friends...or more?" She presses me.
"Maybe more..."
There's a knock on my door. 
"Be right back. Someone's at the door."

I open the door, presuming that it's Jess, and that maybe she forgot her room key or something. 
"Hey." It's Ben. I look surprised. "Am I interrupting..." his voice trails off as he looks at my ensemble; green silk kimono robe, nighty and bedroom slippers. 
"Mmm, no. Come on in." 
"Ok." He steps into my room and looks around. "Where's Jess?"
"Oh, she's still hanging out near the Marina Pool. Um, do you want something to drink?"
"Uh, no. I'm good." 
"Ok...I was webcamming with my best friend, let me just tell her I have to go, ok?" I stand in front of my laptop, trying to shield him from it, lest he see the photo I pasted of him. 
"Who is that?!" Carrie's head shouts from my laptop screen. 
"Should I come back later?" Ben asks, cocking his head to look behind me. 
"No, it's fine. Just give me a minute, ok?"
"Ok." He moves away and sits himself down on the couch.

I walk back to the desk, trying to play it cool. 
"Go." Carrie whispers and I know she knows who it is. 
"We have to say a normal good-bye though." I type.
"Right." She types back.
"Well, it was nice talking to you, babe. Catch up again soon, okay?" Carrie waves, with her head bobbing up and down.
"Yeah, you too! Talk again soon." I wave back at her. And then I exit Skype, and shut down my laptop.

"Sorry." Ben apologizes.
"Oh it's okay." I shrug my shoulders. "We were talking for a long time."
"Oh." Ben gets up from the couch, and walks across the room to where I'm sitting on the desk chair. He places both his hands on the arm cushions. I look up at him. 
"You smell good." Ben says, his voice soft. "What is that?"
"It's water lily..."
"Oh..." He leans in toward me, his face an inch away from mine. We're almost touching. His fingers gently graze my cheek. I close my eyes, our lips touch, and the tip of his tongue slids along my bottom lip. His hands are caressing my back, as my hands travel down from his neck to his chest. Everything's on fire. I let out a small moan.
"Do you want to stop?" Ben looks at me, breathless.
"No." I wrap my legs around him. He lifts me up, carries me to the bed, and then, all I can see, hear and feel is him.

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Wrote 6 years ago
sure :)


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a runway to hell.

just another fashion blog

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talented roleplayers of polyvore

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