come on skinny love, what happened here?


86 freaking days left, you CAN do this (:

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O1. Favorite super hero?
i don't have any
O2. The most expensive thing you've ever bought?
a pair of boots or my blackberry
O3. How did you find polyvore/why did you join?
i was looking for some style advice & i came up with polyvore (:
O4. Reach out to your left and what's the first thing you touch?
my cell phone
O5. The first song lyric you think of?
now a piece of me is a piece of the beach
O6. Someone who inspires you on polyvore?
a LOT of people but here's one who makes amazing sets @frannyboy-xo (:
O7. If you could win an Olympic gold medal in any sport, what would it be?
rythmic gymnastics maybe
O8. What store would you want an unlimited shopping spree to?
topshop ♥
O9. What do you want for your birthday?
omg idk. a trip to London again probably & cash to spend there ;) 
1O. Plans for the near future?
summer holidays with my amazing friends ♥
11. Plans for the distant future?
travel a lot

O1. If you were given a million dollars to spend on one store only, which store would you shop at?
topshop, again
O2. What is the one thing that you hate the most?
stupid people
O3. Would you rather be overweight and pretty or underweight and ugly?
overweight & pretty

O4. All-time favorite song?
omg don't ask me things like that :o
O5. who do you ship?
me & niall
O6. who do you want to become?
the happiest i can ever be
O7. do you eat breakfast for dinner?
O8. twilight or harry potter?
harry potter ♥
O9. favorite romantic movie?
omg these questions :o titanic, the last song & so many more 
1O. apples or oranges?
11. who is your favorite set maker on polyvore?
many people, i can't choose one ♥

O1. Favorite musician / musical group
one direction & justin bieber ♥
O2. Movie you most want to see
spring breakers
O3. Best childhood memory
having nothing to worry about
O4. Name you wish you could have
oh god i don't know D: 
O5. Best trait in the opposite gender
O6. First word you think of
O7. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
thinking "omfg why do i have to wake up?"
O8. Current obsession
one direction & summer (yes the season)
O9. Guilty pleasure
1O. Beach or Mountains?
11. Books or Magazines?

O1. Favorite Color
O2. What are you wearing?
dark blue pants, a black tee with a red-white logo & a denim jacket
O3. History behind your username?
i was obsessed with the name brianna
O4. Favourite Song
atm? probably one way or another by one direction
O5. Crush / celebrity crush
nick ♥ & niall freaking horan ♥ 
O6. Person you wish you could swap lives with
erica mohn
O7. Last thing you ate
O8. What you think of me
you're beautiful (:
O9. Favourite TV Shows
1O. Last thing you bought
something from the drug store

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Wrote 4 years ago
@fashionvictim95 in a couple of hours. i still have some homework :/

Wrote 4 years ago
you should probably check out your activity.

Wrote 4 years ago
@fashionvictim95 yeap! ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
awwwww!you did it!



Pink Is My Passion!

Pink Is My Passion!

This group was made for all the people who love the color pink! Please submit all of your pink sets to the group, and encourage your friends to join! Think Pink, and have a perfect day!



This group is for any and every kind of set, whether it's preppy or high fashion, magazine layout or collage, interior design or art, and even roleplay or text sets are welcome.
So submit all your sets, join all the contests, actively participate in this group, and most of all...
Have FUN! :)
&+ PM me with any questions, concerns, or you just want to talk

Love, Hannah...<3
Made on 10/06/12


7th place in group contest: SPRING is in the air &hearts;

7th place in group contest: SPRING is in the air ♥

416 sets from 74 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Well, it might be still Winter, but Spring is right around the corner! (: Enter your sets that have to do with SPRING (Spring colors, spring fashion, spring pictures etc...)! 7 days, 3 sets, & 10 winners! Have fun♥

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