April Fool’s Day. The day no one and nothing can be trusted. I’d always hated it, and this year was no exception.
I vowed to spend my day in the park I’d spent the least time in, by myself, for the sake of my sanity. I dressed somewhat nicely, but not to the point of stupidity, and walked to Hollywood Studios with my headphones in my ears. Upon entering the park, I smiled at the familiar feel.
Lately I’d been so sick of work that I’d been considering quitting, but I would miss this whole “getting in for free” thing. So, I’d stay, at least for awhile. Pondering to myself I made a list of things I wanted to do in the park that day. It ended up being a decently lengthy list.
My first stop; Tower of Terror.
As I boarded, having spent the line in my headphones, I found myself seated next to a familiar seeming blond guy. I smiled a little at him, and he look confusedly back.
I felt bad for the poor guy afterward. I had a habit of screaming like a four year old on that particular ride. Finally as we got outside, we recognized each other. He was one of the characters too. I smiled.
“Amanda” I held out my hand.
He shook it, “Freddy”
I asked him if he wanted to hang out in the park or something. He said yes. After all, I could do with a friend, right?
That ended up being a fantastic day.

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