(I know the set is bad :(. My back and shoulders hurt so I didn't really try that hard)
So its been a while since I posted a set. Why? Because:
1) I had the mock tests. For like 2 weeks. Each grade took a turn. We didn't have it everyday. But the teachers were like cramming stuff inside our brains so we don't fail the mock. I was like about to die from the amount of homework and like studying.
2) The Super Bowl is tomorrow and my dad's friends are coming over to watch it at my house. SO we were like in a rush cleaning everything and all.I'm just glad we finish.
3)My birthday is coming up :) on Feb. 16.I'm having a birthday weekend with my friend.
On Friday they will come over to my house after school.We having a sleepover weekend.
On Saturday my parents are throwing me a birthday party. I went to Ross today and bought a black dress with lace on the back. http://s7d4.scene7.com/is/image/BonTon/539208?$ibm_large$ (lace on the back though)
And I just know finished making all the invitations. My back hurts like hell!

Anyways yeah. Anyone else have something like...going on?

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