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the uggs & scarf are exact. and that's the exact tote i use for school.
my bracelets are from forever21, i think i got my shirt at target, and my yoga leggings have a different waistband.

procrastinating my school work right now lol so i guess i'll make a blog. 
one of my friends is in FL right now for the Cheerleading Worlds (her sister's competing...they've been there since early yesterday i think) and she got me a tshirt and she sent me a picture of it earlier and it's SO cute! i'm so happy :)

i had track after school. we just warmed up the same way we always do, then split up to do our individual events. then my friend margaret & i worked out a bit. we did a few sets of bleachers outside, then went for a run, then just went to the weight room for a little while to do abs & upper body stuff.
now i have to finish my math homework, rewrite/type a skirt for english, work on a skit for french, and study for an english test tomorrow. 
ugh i can't stand my group for the english skit though. -_- 

my mom ordered me an insanity workout dvd earlier! :D